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Are Tinkerers More Important than STEM Professionals for Developing Economies?

Scientists, engineers or technicians were not well-represented among the British great inventors, and their contributions remained unspecialized until very late in the nineteenth century. For developing countries today, the implications are that costly investments in specialized human capital resources might be less important than incentives for creativity, flexibility, and the ability to make incremental adjustments that can transform existing technologies into inventions that are appropriate for prevailing domestic conditions.

- October 04, 2016

How Much Would Be Lost if Uber Simply Went Away?

Here is an ingenious attempt to place a dollar amount on Uber's social value. It's huge but still underestimated

- September 10, 2016

Clinton Economist Favors Force over Freedom

Given the ample evidence of private institutions leading public institutions in adapting to social change, there is reason to be reluctant to give government a much larger role in managing American family lifestyles.

- August 30, 2016

Empty Savings Accounts Drive Support for Trump

The median American near retirement has only $111,000 saved for retirement, and only a third are actively saving more each year.

- July 19, 2016

Banning Drug Testing and Credit Checks Hurt Minority Job Applicants

Employers have biases against minorities that can be refuted by hard proof; banning the tests allows prejudice to run wild.

- April 05, 2016

How NAFTA Saved American Autoworker Jobs

Allowing low-wage assembly jobs to move to Mexico probably saved many other American automaker jobs.

- April 04, 2016

Trump, the Regulatory State, and Political Revenge

Regulatory agencies answer directly to the president, and everyone is violating some rule or regulation.

- March 01, 2016

Will a Free Market in Horns Save the Rhino?

South Africa will try to stop poaching by legalizing rhino horn farms. 

- February 09, 2016

Brazil Is the New Greece

Brazil's debt is exploding, its credit is junk, inflation is in double digits, and interest payments alone are consuming 7% of GDP.

- January 05, 2016

What Can Be Named after Whom?

Here's a graceful way to remove bad guys' names from buildings: sell the naming rights to those buildings at a discount.

- November 23, 2015

The Rise and Fall of the Chinese Economy

Chinese debt is two or three times the size of its total GDP, and its stock and real estate markets are in a massive bubble. 

- October 22, 2015

Markets in Everything: Detroit Needs Squatters to Sit in Abandoned Homes

“The city of Detroit does nothing, so we’re forced to do our own thing.”

- September 18, 2015

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