Annual Reports

Gratitude is an essential element of character, a key to personal happiness and to strong and lasting relationships. Accordingly, our FEE team cultivates a grateful spirit among ourselves and towards our partners like you who make our work possible.

We never take you or your generosity for granted. We want to earn it each and every day.

No one who gives to FEE is a mere name on a mailing list. We know you have many other places where you could invest your resources. When you choose us, we are grateful and you are much appreciated. We welcome your feedback and suggestions on everything that we do.

To all our supporters — donors, students, readers — thank you for partnering with us. You are an indispensable part of the solution to the problems we are working on every day at FEE.

FEE's 2016 Annual Report (PDF)

FEE's 2015 Annual Report (PDF)

FEE's 2014 Annual Report (PDF)

FEE's 2013 Annual Report (PDF)

FEE's 2012 Annual Report (PDF)