Investing in Humanitarianism

Unless there is an economic benefit, the UN does not care about things like protecting children, empowering women, or stopping genocide. But how are fewer deaths and better lives not an economic benefit?

- 10:00 AM

Pokémon GO Is Not, in Fact, Totalitarian

Director Oliver Stone recently warned about the potential for data-mining on the part of major companies, including Nintendo, to lead to "totalitarianism." But it takes more than surveillance to make something totalitarian.

Progressivism's Parade of Horrors

From eugenics to climate change, there is grave danger in making law based on so-called settled science

The New Revanchism: The Theme of Politics Today

Revanchism in our time has both left-wing and right-wing forms.


- July 25, 2016

How Immigration Restrictions Are like Occupational Licensing

Immigration laws are a maze of protectionist regulations worse than any licensing scheme — by design.

- July 25, 2016

Have We Become a Nation of Servants?

Of America's democratic system, Alexis de Tocqueville once wrote, “Citizens leave their state of dependence just long enough to choose their masters and then they return to it.” Do we do that now?

Are Spock and Kirk Libertarians?

Star Trek's Federation is a socialist utopia of state-run economies and sterile ideological conformity.

- July 25, 2016

It’s Time to Privatize Foreign Policy

It should be a matter of personal conscience and choice to assist those in other lands who need and deserve outside help.

The Closing of the American Mind

There are dangerous signs that the U.S. is turning its back on the principles of a free and open society that fostered the nation’s rise.

- July 25, 2016

Should a V.P. be One Person’s Choice?

In politics, you can’t always count on the better person getting the job. The truly better ones usually don’t run in the first place. So when the superior man or woman actually gets the nod, whether by fate or choice, it’s noteworthy.


- July 24, 2016

Why I Changed My Mind About Black Lives Matter

Black lives are the ones most threatened by the ever more adversarial police state.

Gone Fishing

The 1650s were a time of unprecedented upheaval in England. There was the public trial and execution of the King and the creation of an entirely new form of government. In the midst of it all, a book about fishing came out.

- July 23, 2016

The Tax Army Is Three Times Larger than the US Army

America spends 8.9 billion hours a year on federal tax paperwork — the equivalent of 4.3 million people working full-time and year-round.

- July 23, 2016

Would Ayn Rand Approve of Rule by a Rich and Powerful Capitalist?

As we get closer to the full swing of the general election cycle, those sympathetic to Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism will face this question: “Shouldn’t an Objectivist be in favor of someone like Donald Trump? He’s selfish and a powerful businessman, right?”

How to Map an Interconnected, Antifragile World

The new book Connectography does a much better job than standard classroom maps at depicting human civilization.

Lessons from Vietnam for a Divided America

Witnessing the increasingly extreme divide between the two parties and among the people reminds me of the same pattern that once happened to Vietnam. Had you grown up in a country where wounds of the war are still apparent in everyday life, you would understand me.

- July 22, 2016

Are Pokémon Impoverishing America?

A new article claims Pokémon Go (and, and Google, and Amazon) are enriching a few at the expense of many.

- July 22, 2016

Must Our Generation Be Narcissists for the Nanny State?

But if these findings are correct and millennials are in fact a narcissistic generation, then why are we so intent on expanding government welfare to take care of us? The typical answer is this: narcissists feel that they are entitled to more than they actually are; therefore, they demand more free stuff. It’s a persuasive argument, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. After all, if people have an inflated sense of their own self-worth, would it not also be plausible for them to be more independent? To take fewer hand-outs and trust themselves to make their own way?

- July 22, 2016

Tolerance, Criticism, and Humility are Core Principles of Freedom

One lesson that I draw from the pervasiveness of ignorance and uncertainty is that the civility and robustness of a community depends on the extent to which each of us acknowledges that at least some part of everything we think we know isn’t actually true.

- July 22, 2016

The State is the Religion of the Hidden Corpse

The state – our old-time religion – will perish under the weight of its own lies. It's up to us to form a new world order based on nonviolent cooperation and forbearance.

- July 21, 2016

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