Proxima b Aliens Horrified by Spectacle of U.S. Presidential Race

“All these people talk about is themselves and how they are the solution for all Earthlings’ problems.”

Netflix's Little Prince Champions the Freedom of Children

The Little Prince is a charming story about retaining our child-like curiosity throughout our lives by rejecting the factory model of education in favor of freedom.

What Is the ROI?: The Question That Will Change Your Life

I used to be an impulse buyer with almost everything. I almost never asked what real value any item actually had. I didn’t view these things as assets or investments, and I was wrong.

Even Left-Leaning Econ Writers Are Impoverished by Obamacare

I would love to write that pro-Obamacare piece, but...

Johannes Gutenberg's Information Revolution

Gutenberg's career is a story not only of innovation, but of immigration and freedom of information.

Five Lame Excuses for Passing Laws

If we agree that opinions and force don’t mix, the logical conclusion is that one has to go.

- 10:55 AM

Russian Smugglers Renovate Road Neglected by the Government

If black market businesses can successfully build up a road under the table, imagine what "legitimate" entrepreneurs would build out in the open.

Five Ways to Steal Like an Artist

Originality isn’t about doing what’s never been done in a strict sense, but it’s about the unique way in which each individual gives expression to his or her artistic influences.

- 8:00 AM

Celebrate Capital on Labor Day – Reed’s Feed

For the first time since passage of the federal Taft-Hartley Act in 1947, a majority of the 50 states are governed by “Right-to-Work” (RTW) laws.

- August 23, 2016

Before Celebrating Gawker’s Demise, Consider This

It appears that once a journalist crosses the Rubicon from “newsworthy” into “sensationalism,” the First Amendment vanishes.      


- August 23, 2016

Uber and Lyft Slapped with Taxi Tax in Massachusetts

The taxi industry has failed to evolve and innovate over the years, which has allowed ridesharing services to fill a void in the market. Instead of being praised for their success, ridesharing services are being punished while taxi industries are being rewarded for failing to innovate.

- August 23, 2016

Let Airbnb Providers Discriminate as They Please

Would you like stay in a person’s home who didn’t like you on the grounds of your race, sex, religion, or language? 

- August 23, 2016

If Markets Fail, Governments Fail Harder

We have to choose between the messy real-world outcomes of unregulated markets and the messy real-world outcomes of regulated markets. But market solutions have a natural tendency to self-correct, which governments lack.

- August 23, 2016

Millennials Are the Most Capitalist Generation; They Just Don’t Know It

If Millennials truly want to dedicate themselves to the ideals of socialism, they will have to surrender their iPhones, their Amazon accounts, their Uber accounts, their craft beer, the hipster beard accessories, and pretty much every other aspect of their daily lives.

- August 23, 2016

The World According to Peter Thiel

The future does not just happen; rather, it must be made, and starting a business is the most effective way to accomplish that.

- August 23, 2016

What Your HR Department Could Learn from Hayek

The void between HR departments, whose foremost objective is compliance with government regulations and whose structure reflects the bureaucracy that they enshrine, and companies’ other lean, innovative departments could not be more stark.

- August 22, 2016

How the Housing Market Works

Building new housing, even units that many could not conceivably afford to pay, takes pressure off the demand and keeps prices lower for all.

- August 22, 2016

Quit Snarking at Unpaid Internships

I wouldn’t be where I am today if it were not for my unpaid internships — I got a lot more value from the work experience, the connections, the social capital, and the skills picked up than I got from the fancy research fellowship I had in college one summer or the paid internship I had after graduating from high school.

- August 22, 2016

In Louisiana, Private Disaster Relief Outperforms the Government

One of the greatest stories of the Louisiana flooding is how the people and free markets are playing a better role in the recovery than the government.

- August 22, 2016

Progress Does Not Depend on Geniuses

Larger populations create progress not because they have more Einsteins and Fords, but because they have more John Smiths and Jane Does of every race or nationality or skill level or set of experiences imaginable.

- August 22, 2016

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