Sandy Ikeda

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Sandy Ikeda is a professor of economics at Purchase College, SUNY, and the author of The Dynamics of the Mixed Economy: Toward a Theory of InterventionismHe is a member of the FEE Faculty Network.

Sandy Ikeda's Articles

On Kaepernick, the Left and the Right Have a lot in Common

The government is not the country, and the State is not the nation.

- September 08, 2016

How the Housing Market Works

Building new housing, even units that many could not conceivably afford to pay, takes pressure off the demand and keeps prices lower for all.

- August 22, 2016

Tolerance, Criticism, and Humility are Core Principles of Freedom

One lesson that I draw from the pervasiveness of ignorance and uncertainty is that the civility and robustness of a community depends on the extent to which each of us acknowledges that at least some part of everything we think we know isn’t actually true.

- July 22, 2016

Immigration Is a Fundamental Human Right

The difference between keeping people from entering the United States and keeping people from leaving North Korea is one of degree and not in principle.

- June 25, 2016

China's "Planned Capitalism" Kills Wealth

China’s newly constructed ghost cities show that prosperity can’t be manufactured.

- June 14, 2016

Competition and Cooperation Are Not the Same Thing

To communicate how markets work, it’s not helpful to say that competition and cooperation are two sides of the same coin.

- May 30, 2016

Rhetoric vs. Reality on New York's Minimum Wage

"Fight for Fifteen" has won through sheer alliteration, but reality is starting to creep in.

- April 25, 2016

Why We Need to Make Mistakes

Innovation means trying out new things — and often failing.

- April 14, 2016

House of Cards' Most Unbelievable Moment

Frank Underwood's America is, indeed, a bizarre and disturbing alternate universe.

- March 22, 2016

“Democratic Socialism” Is a Contradiction in Terms

While socialism’s goals may be lofty, its means are inherently at odds with democracy.

- March 17, 2016

The Answer to Expensive Housing: Build More

Restricting the supply of housing makes housing more expensive and lower quality for everyone.

- February 23, 2016

A Date That Should Live in Infamy

Seventy-four years ago, the president ordered the military to imprison 100,000 Americans in racial concentration camps.

- February 19, 2016

Mises Was Right: The Hampered Market Is Unsustainable

Don’t mistake the persistence of a country’s government with the viability of the interventionist regimes that come and go.

- February 18, 2016

Government Is Krampus, Not Santa

There’s a lump of coal under the Christmas tree, packaged as government largesse.

- December 25, 2015

Who Do Economic Profits Belong To?

Discovering what we don’t know we don’t know creates opportunities for entrepreneurs to earn profits.

- December 10, 2015

3 Mistakes Free Marketers Often Make

To promote the economic way of thinking, we need to stop making these basic mistakes.

- November 26, 2015

Social Justice versus the Left

Despite a shared philosophy, progressive groups must fight for a finite pool of tax dollars.

- November 16, 2015

The Enemy of Affordable Housing

What’s hard to see in the heated, off-the-cuff political debates are the consequences of rent regulations in San Francisco.

- November 02, 2015

Big Pharma and the Opposite of Science

Looking beyond greed for the source of high pharmaceutical prices doesn’t make you a bad person.

- October 19, 2015

Humane Transitions to Freedom

The alternative to shock therapy isn’t ideological compromise.

- October 01, 2015

Progressivism Is Illiberal

People like Mayor Bill de Blasio don’t hesitate to use violence to achieve their goals. That’s because aggression lies at the foundation of progressive ideology.

- September 16, 2015

How Not to Help Sweatshop Workers

You hear that H&M buys shirts from a factory in Bangladesh that works its employees long hours under harsh conditions and low pay. What’s the moral thing to do?

- September 02, 2015

Will Robots Put Everyone Out of Work?

Machines might substitute for labor in the short term, but in the long term they complement labor and increase its productivity.

- August 20, 2015

How Life Finds a Way in the Regulatory State

While the growth of government around the world is discouraging, and the struggle to break free goes on, the inventiveness of clever, creative people who find the gaps is a source of hope.

- August 04, 2015

Don't Worship the Free Market

To say that liberty will take care of a problem is not a shut-up argument, and it shouldn’t be used that way. 

- July 23, 2015

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