Richard N. Lorenc

Executive Vice President

Member of: FEE Staff

Richard N. Lorenc is the Executive Vice President of the Foundation for Economic Education, Inc. (FEE) whose vision is to make the ideas of liberty familiar, credible, and compelling to the rising generation. Lorenc also serves as managing director of FEE's Youth Education & Audience Research (“YEAR”) project–sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation–to develop and promote new content and distribution techniques for free-market ideas. Since he joined FEE, the organization's budget has more than doubled to over $6 million, and FEE now reaches thousands of students in-person and millions online annually.

Lorenc is involved in a number of civic, educational, and professional development organizations. He is the chairman of the board of directors of America’s Future Foundation(AFF), the nation's premier network of liberty-minded young professionals. Additionally, he serves as the…

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