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Doug Bandow

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Doug Bandow is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute. He is a former associate at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, Institute for Policy Innovation, and Heritage Foundation, and served as a Special Assistant to President Ronald Reagan.

A columnist for Forbes online, he previously was a columnist for, a nationally syndicated columnist with Copley News Service, and editor of the monthly political magazine Inquiry. He has been widely published in such periodicals as Time, Newsweek, and Fortune, as well as leading newspapers including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post. He contributes regularly to National Interest online, the Huffington Post, the American Spectator online, the Daily Caller, and other online publications. He has written several books, including Foreign Follies: America's New Global Empire (Xulon Press), The Politics of Envy: Statism as Theology (Transaction); Tripwire: Korea and U.S. Foreign Policy in Changed World (Cato); The Politics of Plunder: Misgovernment in Washington (Transaction), and Beyond Good Intentions: A Biblical View of Politics (Crossway).

He received his B.S. in Economics from Florida State University in 1976 and his J.D. from Stanford University in 1979. He is a member of the California and Washington, D.C. bars.

Doug Bandow's Articles

Intervening in a World in Turmoil Will Only Make Things Worse

America must stop going abroad in search of monsters to destroy and enemies to create.

- July 19, 2016

Not Voting Is a Powerful Form of Dissent

Every election can be expected to unleash ponderous commentaries bemoaning low voter turnout. 

- June 18, 2016

What Will Happen to Freedom in November?

Irrespective of who wins in November, those who love liberty must continue to act as sentinels for freedom.

- May 24, 2016

Government Shouldn’t Decide Who Uses Which Bathroom

Bathroom use shouldn’t be a question for bureaucrats, politicians, lawyers, or judges to answer.

- April 26, 2016

Don't Turn Foreign Tragedies into Domestic Tragedies

We should remember our blessings and redouble our efforts to reclaim the Founders' revolutionary legacy.

- April 04, 2016

Corporations Should Flee America

Firms are owned by people, employ people, sell to people, and contract with people. Taxing companies means taxing people.

- March 14, 2016

Do Flyers Have a Basic Human Right to Fly First Class?

It travelers advocacy groups get their way, everyone will pay more to fly — if they can afford to fly at all.

- January 25, 2016

Student Loans: The Taxpayers Lose Again

Students should borrow at market rates and finance their education through loans only if they are likely to repay their debts. They shouldn’t receive endless opportunities to avoid repayment.

- December 29, 2015

Elections Aren’t as Democratic as Markets

Politics is democratic only in process, not substance.

- December 07, 2015

China's Volatile Experiment

In some ways, China feels like a free country, but the Communist Party imposes a glass ceiling on liberty: break it and you may pay a huge price

- November 10, 2015

Who Exactly Is Government Helping?

At the local, state, and federal levels, the government is protecting us from freedom and prosperity.

- October 12, 2015

Government Permission to Work

Americans are concerned about too few jobs and too little economic growth. Ending occupational licensure would address both issues.

- September 03, 2015

Supreme Court: No More Lifetime Appointments

The Constitution should be amended to authorize fixed terms for federal judges.

- August 03, 2015

Generous with Someone Else’s Money

Until people understand that Uncle Sam shouldn’t be a year-round Santa Claus, public officials will continue to act like Delia Curry and Arne Duncan.

- June 29, 2015

Patients and Doctors vs. the FDA

Overall, far more people die from no drugs than from bad drugs.

- May 27, 2015

The Welfare State Needs Abolition, Not "Reform"

Efficient income redistribution doesn’t make the process morally right, only less wasteful on its way to being wrong.

- May 05, 2015

Going Postal, Again

After eight years of losses, why is there a government postal monopoly?

- March 02, 2015

No More Bricks in the Wall

For years, the people of the East cowered behind the Iron Curtain. The Berlin Wall was its menacing front line. Then, in an instant, it was all swept away.

- November 10, 2014

Living the Easy Life

A recent trip to Egypt left this Westerner thankful for what he left behind, despite the problems. 

- October 20, 2014

The Liberty to Leave

Slavery has tainted the idea of secession, just as it erroneously defines the Civil War for too many people.

- September 24, 2014

Movement on the Rise?

The libertarian moment has not arrived—it has to be seized. Every alternative has already failed, but statists keep doubling down on them. 

- August 14, 2014

Back in Iraq?

Nation-building didn’t work the last time the United States invaded Iraq and it won’t work now.

- July 28, 2014

A Titan Falls

Elections might make headlines, but they rarely make a dent in the corporate welfare handed out by politicians.

- July 16, 2014

Tax Exiles Flee America

More and more wealthy people are leaving the United States. Both parties need to stop trying to punish this behavior.

- June 09, 2014

Nigeria’s Moment

Nigeria is full of ambitious, industrious people held back by State corruption and violent internal divisions.

- March 24, 2014

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