Monday, July 1, 2013

Are We Rome?

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Monumental sums for bailouts. Staggering increases in public debt. Concentration of power in the central government. These are only some of the economic issues the United States is facing. Lawrence W. Reed, president of FEE, discusses 21st Century America and how familiar it is to the ill-fated Roman welfare state of two millennia ago.

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How to Lose a Constitution—Lessons from Roman History

Drawn largely from his talk, “Are We Rome?” and his essay, “Enemy of the State, Friend of Liberty,” FEE president Lawrence Reed delivered this speech at the final “Farewell to Irvington” event on August 23, 2014.

Lawrence W. Reed speaks about the parallels between the fall of Rome and the modern United States

This talk was delivered at FreedomFest in Las Vegas, Nevada in July 2013.

  • Lawrence W. Reed is FEE's President Emeritus, having previously served for nearly 11 years as FEE’s president (2008-2019). He is also FEE's Humphreys Family Senior Fellow and Ron Manners Global Ambassador for Liberty. His Facebook page is here and his personal website is