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In the tradition of Henry Hazlitt, FEE’s new initiative is bringing talented writers and media personalities together with young apprentices to publish high-quality, wide-reaching content that combines journalism, economics education, and liberty advocacy while training the next generation of influencers.

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A Message from FEE’s Director of Content

Henry Hazlitt (1894-1993), a founding trustee of the Foundation for Economic Education and founding editor of The Freeman, was one of the most widely-read columnists of his generation. He used his platform as a renowned journalist to educate the public in economics and liberty, both in his articles and in books like his hugely influential Economics in One Lesson.

FEE has carried on the tradition of Hazlitt, updating it for the 21st century. Our motto and formula has been: timely stories, timeless principles. Our articles draw the reader in with a compelling news-and-opinion hook. But each story also delivers a timeless lesson: a liberty principle expounded or an economic concept explained. Our articles blend journalism with education, leaving the reader, not only informed, but enlightened—and curious to learn more about the freedom perspective. In this way, we turn trending topics into teachable moments for the ideas of liberty.

It is an approach that has proven to work… and to scale. Over the six months from June to November 2020, FEE.org has averaged three million views a month. Its Alexa web ranking is higher than that of such mainstream leftist article sites as Mother Jones, The Nation, and Teen Vogue.

Launching Young Influencers

In June 2020, FEE’s editorial team also launched a fellowship program to see if we could train aspiring young writers in our craft and our approach. Our first fellowship, granted to Brad Polumbo, was a big success.

Brad’s FEE.org articles have been a sensation, garnering tremendous reach (2 million views so far), numerous Twitter shares from famous public figures (including Ben Shapiro, Glenn Greenwald, and Vice President Mike Pence), and widespread acclaim for their quality. Brad’s own profile as an influencer has since skyrocketed. Brad credits a great deal of the success of his articles to the training he received, which made his writing “more thorough, grounded, and meticulously-done.”

Brad’s fellowship was so successful, it culminated in FEE hiring Brad full-time as our Opinion Editor. In addition to his prolific article work, Brad now writes a daily newsletter for FEE, providing subscribers free-market news and analysis.

Following the success of Brad’s fellowship, we extended another fellowship to Hannah Cox, who has also proven to be a rising star.

Culmination in The Hazlitt Project

Now that we have developed proven formulas for communicating liberty and training liberty communicators, we are rechristening our educational journalism publishing and training operation as The Hazlitt Project, to honor our great predecessor.

Our first big initiative as The Hazlitt Project is to scale up our reach by scaling up our fellowship program.

Future cohorts of fellows will receive even more systematic training over the course of a 6-month fellowship: in sound economics, journalism, and educational writing. Moreover, they will learn the ropes by apprenticing under the wings of our young journalist-influencers Brad and Hannah, who will also coach them in the ins-and-outs of social media, podcasting, video work, building their personal brand, and following, and more.

Discover Our Work

The Hazlitt Project represents the future of editorial content at FEE.org.

Following the incredible success of the fellowship program that brought rising stars Brad Polumbo and Hannah Cox into FEE’s writing team, we’re continuing and expanding the project to recruit even more passionate young fellows to apprentice with our talented and experienced editorial staff.

Fellowship Benefits:

  • 6-month term
  • Monthly stipend
  • Weekly article workshopping and economics/philosophy education sessions
  • Learn personal branding with Hannah Cox & Brad Polumbo
  • Develop your social media skills with FEE’s world-class team

If you’re interested in applying for the program or know someone who should, click here.

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