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Taleed J. Brown was a content intern at FEE and hosts the popular YouTube channel "That Guy T".

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Trump Supporters Are Facing Market Discrimination, and that's Ok

The owner’s freedom to accept or decline anyone for any reason, including race, politics, gender, religion, and so on, should be honored. The grounds on which they discriminate shouldn’t matter in the context of that freedom. Ownership and the discretionary rights that extend from it are inviolable, even sacred.

- December 14, 2016

3 Lessons Negan Can Teach Us about Government

Negan wants to crack down on unregulated zombie apocalyptic capitalism. Levying a 50% tax on producers to help offset the costs of universal housing, security, Negancare and anything else Negan feels like giving you to justify his brute theft. That’s even more progressive than Bernie Sander’s tax proposals.

- December 09, 2016

The Myth of Clean Politics

If you want politics to be less corrupt, the solution isn’t to shrink corruption. It's to shrink the state.

- December 07, 2016

Six Bullets Dodged with Hillary's Loss

Some may have their fingers crossed for Trump's promise to make America great again, while others are finding ways to numb their fears in dismay. Regardless of your prediction of what the future yields, one fact remains true. The guaranteed continuation of progressive attacks on enterprise, growth, and liberty was avoided.

- November 15, 2016

Men and Women: Don't Weaponize Room Temperature

Women and men argue incessantly, and there is even a push to get government involved to regulate it, to either uphold or smash the patriarchy that seems to prefer rooms too cool for most women’s preferences. Here’s another suggestion. Let’s work this out in peace.

- November 10, 2016

Dear Women: A Hillary Clinton Loss Does Nothing To Harm Your Personal Ambitions

Throughout her campaign, Hillary Clinton has been no stranger to using the appeal of her gender to garner support. To many women, this was a major reason to support her. Now that that opportunity has passed, many of these women and girls are heartbroken and dispirited. All I can say to these people is: don’t let the failure of one woman influence your perception of what can and can’t be achieved by women.

- November 09, 2016

Cultural Appropriation Is Love

Who are you to tell someone they aren’t allowed to express their love for another culture because you arbitrarily hold exclusive claim to it? Who are you to micromanage identity and dictate what types of multiculturalism is tolerable and intolerable?

- October 31, 2016

To the Talented Mr. Milo: Sorry Darling, Freedom Is Fabulous

Recently my conservative friend Milo Yiannopoulos was featured in an interview on You might wonder why this notorious lefty magazine would be interested in the view of the most notorious right-wing commentator of the present season. The answer might have something to do with a certain common enemy. After all, he referred in this interview to libertarians as “a joke.”

- October 20, 2016

To Be Ideologically Persuasive, Don't Be a Jerk

Throughout a recent evening bar conversation, I realized something: many people are not good at persuasion. It’s something that I see all too often when hearing other libertarians talk, but it is hardly limited to them. It’s a universal problem. Here are some tips on how to spread a better message.

- October 14, 2016

Why Even Racists Need the Freedom to Speak

The polite truce was never a consensus; it was a coverup. And it is over. That's good. 

- September 28, 2016

10 Reasons to Doubt the Racial Explanation for Trump’s Success

Even if race were not a factor, there are plenty of reasons why Trump defied every prediction of his failure. 

Voting for Survival: The Election Story of 2016

The voice of the American people is so disenfranchised that people are no longer voting for positive action, but for the least negative inevitable effect the new administration will have on their life. There is an upside to this. Even a cause for hope.

- September 14, 2016

“Atlanta” Delivers Cultural Enlightenment and Black Excellence

There truly is something like a “black experience” in America, just as there is a Polish, Islamic, Chinese, Brazilian, and rural experience. To try to understand it, appreciate it, and have special sympathy for its peculiarities is a necessary step toward seeing the special culture of any group, organized along any lines, as being a variant of a universal human problem.

- September 09, 2016

Should Gary Johnson Have Known about Aleppo?

In an admittedly embarrassing interview flub, Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson has made headlines for not knowing what Aleppo is. But is it a good idea for our politicians know where Aleppo is?

- September 08, 2016

How Government Created the Three Worst Terror Groups in the World

US culture and philosophy have in many ways been a wonderful gift to the world, inspiring liberation from oppression and promoting opportunity for all. The US government is another matter.

- September 03, 2016

Do Exploding Samsungs Signal Market Failure?

The world is an imperfect place. But the beauty of the market is that it is constantly at work trying to improve its product – in service of both you and money.

- September 02, 2016

Hillary’s Crusade against the “Alt-Right” and Meme Warfare

One would assume a seasoned heiress to political dynasty such as Hillary Clinton would be more interested in spending time addressing real issues. But instead she feels that Racist, Sexist, Homophobic and Islamophobic memes are more important.

- August 29, 2016

Dear Regressives: Crackdown Is Not an Effective Way to Deal with Dissent

While I know private companies have every right to do this, I still propose that they shouldn’t.

- August 25, 2016

Five Lame Excuses for Passing Laws

If we agree that opinions and force don’t mix, the logical conclusion is that one has to go.

- August 24, 2016

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