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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Six Bullets Dodged with Hillary’s Loss

Let’s take a moment to examine some avoided disasters that likely would’ve happened had Hillary Clinton won.

The current news cycle is monopolized by two narratives. In one, Trump supporters are cheering the great and promising future. In the other, oppositional progressives are screeching about how hateful and daft he and his supporters are. But in the midst of this chaotic national quarrel, one important person has managed to slip away: Hillary Clinton. Not only metaphorically but literally. Maybe she’s seeking asylum in Russia.

Anyway, while Trump’s impending reign isn’t anything to be ecstatic over, a relief of what America avoided in a Clinton presidency is definitely warranted. So let’s take a moment to examine some avoided disasters that likely would’ve happened had Hillary Clinton won.

The Death of the Sharing Economy

Last year Hillary pledged to “crack down” on companies like Uber and Airbnb.Democrats and even some Republicans have expressed their disgust of the abusive exploitation that’s found in the sharing economy. And by abusive exploitation, they mean disgust at innovative markets that are free from their regulatory micromanagement and competitive to their lobbied interests. Hillary Clinton is on the same track. Last year she pledged to “crack down” on companies like Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, Lending Club, Dogvacay, etc. These are companies that are frowned upon by taxi and hotel cartels, street corner title loan shops, and many more awful, out-of-date institutions. With Hillary out of office, the sharing economy and all those who benefit from its employment opportunities and convenience get to live to see another day.

Minority Unemployment

Minimum wage increases, overtime rules, high corporate taxes; all these policies have historically and presently had a negative impact on employment opportunities among minority communities. This is particularly true of youth and blacks in middle- and lower-class America. Hillary Clinton supports all of these initiatives and more. Her policies included manufactured outsourcing of labor due to uncompetitive corporate tax rates, which disincentivizes businesses to stay in the States, and, instead, offsets the insane tax by employing workers in other countries like China and Mexico. So when it comes to the American labor force and those who are un- or underemployed, they may have dodged a huge bullet.

Globalism and Imperialism

War with Russia is bad, m’kay? Hillary’s foreign policy mainly consisted of the same hawkish neoconservative interventionism as George W. Bush. It also included expansion of mass surveillance, the continuation of illegal execution of civilians via drones, and hostile sanctioning of world powers. This would likely end in the same results of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Yemen spread throughout the Middle East. In addition to terrible military strategy, she’s also a staunch globalist, using government to achieve it. This is not to be confused with the internationalization of cooperative cultures and markets. She wants global governance, which means increased concentration of elitist wealth, power, and bureaucratic controls over our everyday lives.


It was she who reminded voters that Obamacare used to be Hillarycare. This is not something you want to brag about in the same month the government announced premiums would rise between 10% and 60%, adding to a bill people are forced to pay, for healthcare they can’t afford to use. This program is a disaster. It’s no wonder that 83% of voters who hated the program rejected her at the ballot. Whatever comes after – and everyone knows that Trump already walked back from his promise to repeal – it is not likely to be as bad as it would have been if a Hillary-in-denial shepherded this program out of its current morass.


Hillary has made no secret of her opposition to the Second Amendment.Hillary has made no secret of her opposition to the Second Amendment. She wants increased restrictions on ownership, use, and distribution of firearms. For people like me who value their ability to defend themselves and their neighbors, and partake in a fun recreational sport, Hillary Clinton’s defeat is good news. And with her out of the way, things like the Hearing Protection Act, which calls for the removal of suppressors from the NFA registry, and the Annual Defense Authorization bill, which would allow military personnel to carry their firearms on base, have a chance of success. This is what should be meant when referring to common sense gun laws. The removal of bureaucracy and infringement, not the expansion of it.


Clean energy development is a necessary and beneficial innovation that should be, and is being, supported by various companies such as Tesla Motors, Shell, British Petroleum, General Electric, Boeing, etc. But while these green energy investments are awesome, they’re also expensive and often come at your expense.

Clinton favored artificially inflating costs on many industries, like oil and coal, causing higher energy prices for average Americans. She also favored increasing already-challenging barriers for developing nations to afford the vital energy to jumpstart their economies. Trump may have said green energy is a Chinese hoax, but chances are he’s not going to prohibit private companies from continuing their investments in renewable alternatives. In contrast, Clinton definitely would’ve sanctioned the fossil fuel industry, leading to even more financial hardship for the already-crippled middle class.

Some may have their fingers crossed for Trump’s promise to make America great again, while others are finding ways to numb their fears in dismay. Regardless of your prediction of what the future yields, one fact remains true. The guaranteed continuation of progressive attacks on enterprise, growth, and liberty was avoided. And I think that warrants a bit of relief for all of us.

  • Taleed J. Brown lives in Atlanta and hosts a YouTube channel.