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Matthew McCaffrey is assistant professor of enterprise at the University of Manchester and editor of Libertarian Papers.

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Are Managers Really Going Extinct?

Valve's unusual corporate structure invokes many ideas that are consistent with liberalism, but we shouldn't assume that that model is necessarily the future of commerce.

- September 15, 2016

Let's Take Back Our Market Democracy

Rather than being elected once in a term of years, entrepreneurs are elected minute-to-minute in a never-ending campaign to win support from their patrons.

- July 05, 2016

The Free Society Isn’t All about Profit

The market is large. It contains multitudes.

- June 20, 2016

Seeing the State for What It Is

Most people don’t realize what it means for government to “solve” a problem.

- June 08, 2016

Star Wars: Intellectual Property Strikes Back

Why can’t artists and fans continue developing the canon they love, while Lucasfilm does the same?

- March 09, 2016

Social Enterprises Are Fixing What Government Destroys

Social enterprises’ goals hint at their important role in the economy: to help repair the damage caused by public policy.

- September 08, 2015

Are Markets Ruining Video Games?

If game developers want to pursue more artistic projects that appeal to smaller audiences, they need to take a step away from the one-size-fits-all corporate development supported by government regulation.

- May 12, 2015

The Pursuit of Profit Is Pro-Social

The market is an elaborate network of voluntary exchanges in which buyers and sellers constantly make each other better off. In that sense, all value-generating businesses are “social” enterprises.

- January 21, 2015

Entrepreneurs Make Science Work

The market system reveals the ultimate value of an invention, not its scientific significance as such.

- October 08, 2014

Of Battlefields and Boardrooms

Classical military strategists have valuable insights for entrepreneurs—but not because trade and war have anything in common.

- August 06, 2014

Virtual Worlds, Real Economics

As more and more people cross over into gaming environments, they’re getting an education in the dismal science.

- June 17, 2014

Right Conquers Might

A Song of Ice and Fire, the source material for HBO's Game of Thrones, sheds light on the contrast between the entrepreneurial spirit and the avarice of those who lust after political power. 

- December 19, 2013

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