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Alex Tabarrok

Alex Tabarrok is a professor of economics at George Mason University. He blogs at Marginal Revolution with Tyler Cowen. 

Alex Tabarrok's Articles

Could the Market Really End Meat?

In a development that would make Ron Swanson's head explode, market innovation could bring vegetarianism to the meat-eating masses.

- December 14, 2016

The Alt-Right Origins of Progressive Economics

From regulating marriage and reproduction to preventing Chinese immigration, Richard Ely and his American Economic Association had a range of solutions to promote "race purity."

- December 09, 2016

Do Genetically Modified Crops Really Increase Yields?

Corn crop yields in Europe have kept pace with those in the US, even though Europe genetically modified crops.

- November 02, 2016

Ridesharing Reduces Racism

If there's one thing that yields better outcomes for marginalized groupsand, beyond that, all of us—is the freedom to choose. That freedom shouldn't be subject to infringement simply because some politician and lobbyist think they know what services are better for you.

- October 07, 2016

In the Market, Discrimination is Expensive

A recent study found that 36% of the firms studied that had discriminated in hiring had failed while only 17% of the non-discriminatory firms failed.

- September 22, 2016

The ADA Attack on Online Courses Hurts the Disabled Too

The DoJ has told UC Berkely that unless all have access, none can.

- September 21, 2016

Why Isn't Rent in Tokyo Out of Control?

Tokyo built more new housing in 2014 than the entire state of California or country of England.

- August 08, 2016

Copyrights Protect the Dead, Not the Innovators

The argument that copyright encourages innovation is simply a pretense for protectionism.

- August 05, 2016

A Decades-old Product Can Stop 80% of Cavities, and the FDA Only Just Now Approved It

It's been used for decades in Japan, and it instantly stops hypersensitivity and tooth decay, as well as preventing cavities.

- July 15, 2016

Donate a Kidney Now, Get a Kidney Gift Card for Later

Organ markets are illegal, but sophisticated barter is chipping away at the kidney shortage.

- July 13, 2016

The Fatal Tesla Crash Is No Excuse to Regulate Self-Driving Cars

Laissez-faire for new technologies is the norm, as it should be.

- July 12, 2016

AI Shoots Down Human Fighter Pilot, Every Time

It's time to think seriously about incentive problems for artificial intelligence.

- June 30, 2016

The Death and Rise of the Middle Class

A study from the left-leaning Urban Institute finds that the middle class is shrinking because it's getting richer.

- June 22, 2016

"Banning the Box" Significantly Increases Racial Discrimination

A large new study finds that banning criminal history questions increases racial discrimination in job callbacks.


- June 20, 2016

"Zero-Star" Cars Can Save Thousands of Lives

The least protected car is safer than the safest motorcycle.

- May 23, 2016

Life Expectancy Is Up, and Health Inequality Is Down

Life expectancy has increased dramatically, and child mortality is way down, especially for poor counties.

- May 10, 2016

The Best Pro-Market Film You've Never Seen

Guru tells the story of India's liberation, not from colonialism but from socialism.

- May 03, 2016

An Economist's Advice on Bringing Prosperity to Iran

Iran is the size of Turkey but has only half the GDP per capita; here's how to change that.

- April 19, 2016

Why Americans Can't Move Anymore (And Why That's Bad News)

Out of control housing costs discourage poor people from moving to rich places.

- April 11, 2016

Do European Labor Laws Lead to Terrorism?

Why are there poor Muslim ghettos in Europe but not in the United States?

- March 29, 2016

After the Recession, People Didn't Move to Find Work

Migration is down at the exact time that it has become more necessary than ever.

- March 23, 2016

Uber Is 50% More Productive than Taxis

Uber drivers carry more passengers per mile or per hour worked than do traditional cabs.

- March 17, 2016

Let's Make Buses More Dangerous so People Will Ride Them

Buses are safer than cars by a factor of 60, but people don't like to ride them.

- March 17, 2016

What Does It Mean to "Replicate" Scientific Studies?

If studies don’t replicate, they aren't useful; if they only replicate under extremely precise conditions, they still aren't useful.

- March 12, 2016

Failure to Coordinate Makes Us Poorer and Less Happy

Why are people so much happier on the weekends? It isn't just time off work.

- March 07, 2016

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