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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Will You Teach a FEE Seminar This Summer?

Over the decades, thousands of students have learned the importance of liberty in their daily lives by attending FEE seminars in person.

Today, FEE faces the question, how can we dramatically scale up our educational outreach to young people in ways that tap into the power of person-to-person conversation, while doing so in a cost-effective way? Two answers to this challenge are in testing this summer even as FEE’s traditional summer seminars are in full swing and welcoming more newcomers to the ideas of liberty than ever. Both of these experimental programs address the needs of people who have relationships with groups of students, either as mentors or as colleagues, and are looking for resources to help them communicate the principles of free enterprise to these groups.

Economics is a three- to five-hour workshop on free-market principles that is designed to be facilitated by non-economists, using hands-on activities, videos, and guided discussions. We have already received enthusiastic interest in this program from a variety of high-school youth groups and college campus organizations.

Economics of Entrepreneurship is an eight-module online course designed for high school students. It provides the free-market perspective that is generally missing from officially-sanctioned economics curricula. Its forty lessons are keyed into National Standards, providing home-school parents and high-school teachers with convenient access to materials that substitute for or supplement the required lessons in a conventional textbook. A previous version, which was in simple PDF form, reached over 15,000 students in the 2015-16 school year.

These programs are also suitable as self-guided experiences for those who are motivated to learn on their own. These programs may be found at We are actively soliciting feedback from user experiences during this beta-test phase. If you are in a position this summer to try out either of these programs with a student group, such as in a day-camp, summer-school or youth-activities setting, we’d be much obliged if you would provide your suggestions for improvement using the feedback channels provided within the respective programs.

Together we can reach greater numbers of students than ever with the ideas of liberty.

  • Wayne Olson is the Chairman of FEE's Board of Trustees and a former executive director of the Foundation for Economic Education.