Wayne Olson


Wayne Olson is the Chairman of FEE's Board of Trustees and a former executive director of the Foundation for Economic Education. He previously served from 2008-2013 as Chairman of FEE’s Board of Trustees. Wayne also serves on the board of directors of the Free to Choose Network and on the Advisory Council of the Atlas Network.

Wayne retired in 2008 from a 26-year career in structured finance and investment banking, of which 18 years were served at Credit Suisse and its predecessor firm, The First Boston Corporation. In addition to client-facing roles, he held a variety of management positions in both revenue-generating and control functions. Financial engineering and new product development were a particular focus throughout his career.

Wayne holds a BA in English from Harvard and both an MBA in finance and a C.Phil. (“all-but-dissertation”) in economics from the UCLA Anderson School of Management. His primary research interest in economics was industrial organization.

He and his wife, Sandra Miller, have three children and two grandchildren.