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Wayne Olson

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Wayne Olson is the executive director of the Foundation for Economic Education. He previously served for six years as the chairman of FEE’s board of trustees.

Wayne retired in 2008 from a 26-year career in structured finance and investment banking, of which 18 years were served at Credit Suisse and its predecessor firm, The First Boston Corporation. In addition to client-facing roles, he held a variety of management positions in both revenue-generating and control functions. Financial engineering and new product development were a particular focus throughout his career.

Wayne holds a BA in English from Harvard and both an MBA in finance and a C.Phil. (“all-but-dissertation”) in economics from the UCLA Anderson School of Management. His primary research interest in economics was industrial organization.

He and his wife, Sandra Miller, have three children and one grandchild.

Wayne Olson's Articles

Passing the Torch: From the Freeman to

FEE has concluded that it is time to retire the Freeman as a printed periodical and to double down on the digital distribution of ideas on liberty.

While this is a significant step away from the way we have traditionally communicated the principles of the free society, it will have no adverse impact on our mission in today’s marketplace. To the contrary, by re-directing vital resources in more powerful directions, it will greatly expand our outreach to young people.

- September 01, 2016

It's Not All About the Stock Price

When successful entrepreneurs and investors articulate the principles underlying their success, they make a powerful case for free markets and principled entrepreneurship.

- July 15, 2016

We’re Not in the Suburbs Any More

A striking symbol of FEE's transformation is the comparison of our new headquarters office in Atlanta’s Midtown district with our historic headquarters building in Irvington-on-Hudson, NY.

- July 01, 2016

Introducing Freedom as a Hero’s Journey

The Freeman is the world’s only print magazine designed to introduce freedom as an ethical life philosophy to young people who are new to these ideas.

- April 01, 2016

Steal This, Please

FEE encourages you to steal from

- March 02, 2016

Great News!

I’ve just returned from FEE’s Annual Retreat over the weekend, entitled “Investing in Freedom’s Next Generation,” where we heard one success story after another.

- February 02, 2016

Do You Know Any of These FEE Faculty?

The FEE Faculty Network boasts more than 150 of the finest freedom-friendly scholars and public intellectuals in the nation

- January 04, 2016

Results from FEE

As the year comes to a close, we are taking stock of the ways FEE has increased the effectiveness of our efforts to make the ideas of liberty familiar and credible to the rising generation.

- December 03, 2015

Amplifying FEE’s Seminars for Even Greater Impact

As FEE strives to make ideas of liberty a credible and familiar part of campus culture, we aim to reach greater numbers of young people without a large additional investment of resources.

- November 03, 2015

Sharing ideas with your friends who disagree

As you read our content from time to time—via, FEE Daily, our Twitter feed or our Facebook and Instagram pages—I invite you to take note of just how many of our posts you are tempted to share with your friends and followers.

- October 01, 2015

Filling the free-market gaps in high school economics

FEE has launched our new high school course supplement entitled "The Economics of Entrepreneurship: Serving Yourself by Serving Others Well.”

- September 01, 2015

Strategic Notes from FEE—Partnering to challenge the myths of progressivism

This month, yet another cooperative venture will culminate with the publication of Excuse Me, Professor, a book collaboration between FEE and Young America’s Foundation, published by Regnery as a mass-market paperback.

- July 02, 2015

Strategic Notes from FEE—Digitizing Freedom’s Library for the Next Generation

From its beginnings, FEE has sought to provide the basic texts of liberty to as broad an audience as possible. We continue that tradition today by providing books in whatever form people—especially young adults—prefer to read them.

- June 01, 2015

Strategic Notes from FEE—Clearer channel, wider audience

Two months ago I wrote to you about the investments that FEE is making in digital technology and talent. One of these investments came to fruition early last month as we launched a new edition of our website,

- May 01, 2015

Strategic Notes from FEE, April 2015

Now is the time to scale up the campaign to bring the freedom philosophy into the mainstream.

- April 01, 2015

Strategic Notes from FEE—More growth in technology and talent

FEE increases its investment in both technology and talent.

- March 06, 2015

Strategic Notes from FEE, February 2015

Teachers of free market economics, particularly those like FEE who are influenced by the Austrian school, have a major advantage over those who cling to the Keynesian mainstream. 

- February 02, 2015

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