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Monday, January 4, 2016

Do You Know Any of These FEE Faculty?

How does FEE consistently “punch above its weight” in the battle of ideas, as journalist John Fund has observed?

One key reason is the FEE Faculty Network, which boasts more than 150 of the finest freedom-friendly scholars and public intellectuals in the nation.

Even in this digital age, the most credible form of communication is person-to-person, among people who have a direct relationship. And teachers who have direct relationships with young people are the most likely to understand how to communicate effectively with them.

For these reasons, we rely heavily on the FEE Faculty Network both to create and to deliver the content of our publications and our seminars.

Partly because of this network, we are able to distribute the work of our faculty to millions of young people online, hundreds of thousands through the printed word and thousands through in-person events.

Members of the FEE Faculty Network use the work of other FEE scholars with their own students, encourage young people to follow FEE online, refer students to our events, and alert them to FEE internships and publishing opportunities. They are often our eyes and ears on campus, opening doors for us to secure attractive venues and assure a healthy turnout.

The FEE Faculty Network is nationwide, and includes scholars at schools ranging from the highly selective to those that reach out to a broader student population. Some members are veterans with many years of teaching and writing, while others are early in their careers and eager to become well-known. Yet all are joined in the common cause of making the ideas of liberty familiar and credible to the rising generation.

For visitors to the website who are looking for mentors on campus or in journalism, this list reveals credible sources for the best in liberty-minded thinking, researching, and writing. 

I invite you to learn more about the members of the FEE Faculty Network.

  • Wayne Olson is the Chairman of FEE's Board of Trustees and a former executive director of the Foundation for Economic Education.