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Scott Burns

Scott Burns is a Mercatus PhD fellow and instructor of economics at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA.

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Mobile Money Has Lifted 194,000 Kenyan Households Out of Poverty

Since M-PESA was introduced in March 2007, mobile money has become Kenya’s most popular payments medium. More than 95 percent of businesses and 96 percent of Kenyan households rely on it for their daily transactions.

- December 23, 2016

The Dangers of Jill Stein's Student Debt "Magic Trick"

“My campaign will do for our young people what our mis-leaders saw fit to do for Wall Street … it [gave them] about $4 trillion in free money in the form of so-called ‘quantitative easing,’ which is a magic trick that basically people don’t need to understand any more about than that it is a magic trick!” There is so much wrong with Stein’s statement.

- November 05, 2016

Losing Hearts and Minds: The Failed Drug War in Afghanistan

After years of failed U.S. eradication policies, Afghan opium production is still on the rise. And now it is fueling the U.S. heroin epidemic.

- November 04, 2016

The Feds Can't Put Down the Cash Pipe

Why the feds don't really mind the fact that the dollar serves as the preferred medium of exchange for the mafia-hired butcher, the weed brownie baker, and the crack pipe maker.

- October 24, 2016

The College Bubble and the Austrian Business Cycle

Government is fueling a student debt bubble and distorting human capital.

- December 31, 2015

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