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Jeffrey Tucker is Director of Content for the Foundation for Economic Education. He is also Chief Liberty Officer and founder of, research fellow at the Acton Institute, policy adviser of the Heartland Institute, founder of the CryptoCurrency Conference, member of the editorial board of the Molinari Review, an advisor to the blockchain application builder Factom, and author of five books. He has written 150 introductions to books and many thousands of articles appearing in the scholarly and popular press. Follow on Twitter and Like on Facebook.

You can download his books in epub format for free here:

He created the first commercial service of online book distribution that published entirely in the commons (The Laissez Faire Club) and he was an early innovator in online distribution of literature during his tenure as builder and editor of from 1996 until 2011. He created the first live classroom in the liberty-oriented ideological space and assembled the official bibliography of famed economic writer Henry Hazlitt, a project that included more than 10,000 entries. Early in his career, following his degree in economics and journalism, he served as research assistant to Ron Paul at his private foundation.

Jeffrey Tucker has been a two-time featured guest on John Stossel’s show, interviewed on Glenn Beck’s television show, spoken at Google headquarters, appeared frequently on Huffington Post Live and Russia Today, been the two-time Master of Ceremonies at Libertopia, been featured at FreedomFest and the International Students for Liberty Conference, the featured speaker at Liberty Forum three years, keynoted the Young Americans for Liberty national convention, has spoken at many dozens of colleges and universities in the U.S. and around the world including Harvard University and Boston University, has been quoted in the New York Times and Washington Post, appears regularly in Newsweek and many other popular venues, and is in constant demand as a headline speaker at libertarian, technology, and monetary conferences around the world.

Jeffrey Tucker's Articles

Five Differences Between the Alt-Right and Libertarianism

To the cheers of alt-righters everywhere, those angry lords of the green frog meme who hurl edgy un-PC insults at everyone to their left, the Democratic nominee has put them on the map at long last.

Mattresses Keep Getting Better, Thanks to the Market

We once slept on the hard ground. Now we face unlimited mattress choices, and they keep improving.

- August 25, 2016

Let Airbnb Providers Discriminate as They Please

Would you like stay in a person’s home who didn’t like you on the grounds of your race, sex, religion, or language? 

- August 23, 2016

The Drug War's Arms Race: From Opium Dens to Flakka Freakout in 100 Years

You might think that the advent of a drug that turns a nice college kid into a face-eating double murderer would cause a serious rethinking. How much better if this kid had an opium den to inhabit when he felt stressed?

- August 21, 2016

Obamacare Is the Welfare State’s Requiem

The greatest achievement of this administration is an economic disaster and a political humiliation.

- August 19, 2016

How You, and You Alone, Can Build Liberty

When people first discover the wonderful, beautiful, glorious world of liberty – the ideas, the tradition, the possibilities – they tend to fall into a trap.

- August 18, 2016

Cutting Government Is an Exceptional Skill

Using a government office to limit government is a herculean job.

- August 17, 2016

Blessed Fish! How the Market Brought It to Your Table

Here’s to fish, and here’s to the technology that has made it possible to enjoy, cheaply and easily, in every household.

- August 16, 2016

The Intellectual Conceit of IQ Ideology

The search for some measurable standard of intelligence – and implicitly human value itself – has a deep history that is bound up with the emergence of the planned society, eugenics, and the 20th century leviathan state.

- August 15, 2016

Socialists Are Scarcity Deniers

Socialism seems to be the most persistent non-falsifiable ideology on planet earth. The socialists are like people who swear that gravity doesn’t exist and keep hopping around on two feet, while expecting to rise into the clouds at any moment.

- August 13, 2016

Crunching Pigeon Bones to Broiling Elephants: #firstsevenjobs

In the future, all children should have the right to work as I did (even if I did it entirely under the table).

- August 12, 2016

Imagine a Floating Glass Sphere Filled with Immutable Information Bits

This has never been possible in the history of humanity.

- August 08, 2016

What Real Feminists Meant by “Equal Pay for Equal Work”

There’s more than a hint of misogyny here. And indeed, if you look at the history of labor legislation as it pertains to women, that is exactly what you find.


- August 05, 2016

Brazil Wants To Be Free

Its culture is so rich and varied, its people so vast, its manners and mores so imbued with tradition and informal signaling, its food so spectacular, it felt like a place that would be impossible to rule from the center.

- August 03, 2016

Government Control of Birth is the Socialist Way

It doesn’t matter whether the concern is from the left or the right, the proposed solution to the anarchy of human reproduction is always authoritarian and fundamentally threatening to human liberty.

- August 02, 2016

He Said, She Said: Choose Your Central Plan

Fabianism is a color gradient of fascism, and the reverse is also true.

- July 29, 2016

Frederick Douglass, Tax Rebel

Commerce, in the life of Douglass, served as the inspiration and the means for obtaining freedom – and freedom from what? From his personal equivalent of the tax man who dared to take from his hands that which his own hands had earned.


- July 29, 2016

President Obama: “We Don't Look to Be Ruled”

It’s not the promises of an iron fist that speak to us, but rather the opportunities provided by freedom.

- July 28, 2016

The New

With 1 million readers per month, and a dramatically increased publication schedule, many people have noticed that this is clearly a new

- July 27, 2016

The New Revanchism: The Theme of Politics Today

Revanchism in our time has both left-wing and right-wing forms.


- July 25, 2016

Why You Should Watch this Nazi Propaganda Film

When you watch these rallies in “Triumph of the Will,” and you see all the frenzy, the shouting, the multitudes lining up, people swearing fealty to this ridiculous man and cause, you do wonder what all the fuss is about. What could possibly be the point of all this mania? It only makes sense once you realize that it’s all about blood identity and the celebration of a superior race, a race untainted by the blood-poison of the non-Aryan, and the ambition to make this principle central to life itself.

- July 20, 2016

Nixon? Surely Not

The model that the Donald Trump campaign is using for its public image, messaging, and policies was the one pioneered by Richard Nixon in 1968. Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort confirmed it.


- July 19, 2016

Pink Wine, Once Tacky, Is Suddenly Prestigious

No one knows for sure what is or is not valuable, what is or is not the right way. My mentor, bless his heart, might have  been correct when he taught me. But he is wrong today. Time moves forward. What was true before is untrue now...until it becomes true again, all because of the restlessness of the human mind and heart.


- July 12, 2016

How Pokémon GO Brightened a Dark World

Market-driven technology is not some invading imposition that makes people change the way they live without their permission. Instead it seeks to serve us and make our lives better; that’s its whole purpose and ethos.

- July 10, 2016

The Link between Extreme Environmentalism and Hard-Core Racism

Madison Grant wanted to save the trees and the white race, and sought to use the state to accomplish both.

- July 06, 2016

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