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Jeffrey Tucker is Director of Content for the Foundation for Economic Education. He is also Chief Liberty Officer and founder of, research fellow at the Acton Institute, policy adviser of the Heartland Institute, founder of the CryptoCurrency Conference, member of the editorial board of the Molinari Review, an advisor to the blockchain application builder Factom, and author of five books. He has written 150 introductions to books and many thousands of articles appearing in the...Foundation for Economic Education. He is also Chief Liberty Officer and founder of, research fellow at the Acton Institute, policy adviser of the Heartland Institute, founder of the CryptoCurrency Conference, member of the editorial board of the Molinari Review, an advisor to the blockchain application builder 

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Will Carson Beat the HUD Miasma?

Of all the useless and destructive agencies in Washington that need to go, HUD tops the list. The only way forward is not reform but shuttering. The building itself could be bought and turned into some much-needed housing for the poor in that section of DC.

- December 07, 2016

A Plan to Make Me Great Again

I was out shopping for a sweater this weekend and I ran into Donald Trump, who told me that I should stop outsourcing my job.


- December 05, 2016

Top-Selling Christmas Gifts Since 1983

As you look at the list below, if this doesn’t make you smile, even cheer the beauties of the marketplace, check your privilege. These is what a world without privilege looks like, a marvelous template in which every buyer is permitted to paint on a beautiful picture. And the results are amazing precisely because on one person is in charge.


- December 05, 2016

Is Government Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?

As government grows ever bigger in the guise of doing good, its secret capacity for doing evil expands at a far more rapid rate. Whatever true good that government might be capable of doing is swamped by growing levels of corruption, graft, payoffs, violence, arbitrary rule, and all the rest of the institutions that the movement was trying to force away.

- December 01, 2016

Piano Teachers, Beware: The Feds Are Onto You

The victims of the errant theory used by the FTC are legion, from Standard Oil to Microsoft. But for the FTC to be reduced to bullying piano teachers is just too much. It turns tragedy to farce. There is not one child learning their arpeggios who will benefit from this, and not one teacher will experience the glories of competition to a great extent than he otherwise would.


- November 30, 2016

If All Had Gone According To Plan

When it comes to grand, ambitious government programs imposed to make the world more wonderful, nothing ever goes according to plan.

- November 29, 2016

Must Everything Be Made of Corn?

After you have decorated your tree with strings of popcorn and candy canes made with corn syrup, don't forget to forget to leave Santa cookies, baked with corn oil and corn sugar, because, as everyone knows, nothing says the holidays – or any day! – like corn.


- November 28, 2016

Castro Betrayed the Revolution

This is a land that is frozen in time, one that people have risked life and limb to escape for 50 years. Even today, it’s a museum, a living refutation of the core claim from one-hundred years ago that communism would end economic oppression and create wealth for everyone.

- November 27, 2016

How the Market Crushed the Champagne Cartel

Americans have discovered this special drink isn’t just for special celebrations. It’s a whenever beverage — brunch, dinner, or cocktail hour. And it also seems Champagne is losing some of its completely meritless snob appeal.


- November 24, 2016

Judge Blocks Oppressive Overtime Regulation

Government does not possess the knowledge, much less the wisdom, to exercise this kind of power. The knowledge necessary to manage the salaries, wages, and employment terms of millions of American workers and businesses is not accessible to public employees ensconced in a marble palace in DC. Such knowledge is localized, dispersed, and best managed by people with skin in the game. 


- November 23, 2016

Trump’s Video Is Evidence that Liberty Is Winning

Trump’s wealth and incoming power grants him no special technological advantages over the rest of us. He simply grabbed the best tool around for communication, and it is the same tool we all use. This is a brilliant indicator for the future of freedom. 


- November 22, 2016

Liberty on the Rise in Brazil

I don’t speak Portuguese, but there is one aspect of the language I felt more comfortable with here than there. Everyone understands what is meant by the term liberal. It means more trade, secure ownership, privatization, an open society, free enterprise, free press, free speech, and free association. They further understand that the politics of reaction can take both right-wing and left-wing forms. They have experienced both and reject both.

- November 21, 2016

This Is Our Moment: Pledge Your Support

What happens going forward is going to depend on the ideas that are familiar and credible in the public mind. For people who value freedom, cherish human flourishing, and reject authoritarian forms of government, it’s an opportunity. It’s what we have waited for.


- November 17, 2016

This is Your Medical System on Government

In the flood of commentary following the election, a gigantic factor is being underreported. Obamacare blew up in the weeks before the vote. It’s one of the great ironies of history that the legislation was called the “Affordable Care Act.” Once it was implemented, we saw several years of sharp increases in premiums, sometimes as much as 50% per year. Insurers sent out millions of notices, just before the election, of coming increases between 20% and 90% starting January 1, 2017.


- November 16, 2016

Government Has a Toxic Personality

It's remarkable how much time we spend reflecting on toxic personalities and working to get away from them, even as we are surrounded on all sides by a toxic government we can't seem to get away from. We are wrongly reluctant to apply normal standards of ethical behavior – ones we accept in our private lives – to the relationship between society and the state. We are constantly giving this toxic actor a pass. 


- November 14, 2016

The Election Became a Referendum on Obamacare

he nation’s system of healthcare delivery experienced an accelerated dissolution during an election year, profoundly affecting the lives of everyone but the very rich. Even if you knew nothing else about the campaign or the candidates, you would have to predict that this would have major repercussions.

- November 12, 2016

This Could Be Our 1989

What lies in ruins here is not common decency and morality – much less the character of a whole people and nation – but rather an anachronistic, arrogant, entitled, smug, conceited ruling elite and paradigm. You can see this in the clues that show that the vote was not so much for a particular vision of one man, but against a prevailing model of managing the world.

- November 11, 2016

The Malleable Modern History of a Prohibited Product

Nixon lost the war on drugs, showing that no amount of resources, powers, and determination can abolish the will to be free.

- November 10, 2016

And the Election Winner Is…Enmity

When you build a gigantic state, and invite factions to struggle to battle it in real-life “Hunger Games,” there are going to be problems. One group wins and one group loses. Despite the election outcome, resentments persist. Acts of vengeance are already in the making.


- November 08, 2016

How to Develop a Work Ethic and Be an Amazing Employee

Having a work ethic is not actually difficult. It requires very little other than focus and a handful of rules. They can be summarized: punctuality, the willingness to do what is asked of you, the discipline to stay on task, the drive for excellence, the capacity to be creative, the passion for discovery of unmet needs, and the adoption of a service-oriented mindset.

- November 04, 2016

Let the Kids Work

We push these kids through the school system. Then we tell them to scrape together $100,000 for yet another degree that will somehow gain them entry into the workforce. It’s time we stop congratulating ourselves for taking away opportunity from kids. It’s time to let the kids work again.

- November 03, 2016

The Greatest Invention of One Thousand Years Ago

Since ancient times, the teaching of music had been done by a tiny and arrogant cartel of masters. Guido changed all that. He was punished for his innovation and kicked out of the monastery. 

- November 02, 2016

Why You Should Always Bring a Gift to a Party

I arrived at a party and engaged the hosts with the most charm I could muster. The evening ended and all was well, until I suddenly remembered my manners. I didn’t bring a gift. Not wine, not beer, not chocolate. I arrived completely empty-handed. I was mortified.

- November 01, 2016

What’s Government Done For You Lately?

How sustainable is the policy model of the 20th century in the digital age? Not very. The failures of the status quo are becoming too obvious and the costs too intense. This represents a sea change. Something has to give.


- October 30, 2016

The Illustrious History and Future of The Freeman

Let us never forget that the core of the work is intellectual and distributive. The liberty that we seek can be won, but not through marches, rallies, songs, parades, and leaders. It happens quietly, beautifully, through the systematic philosophical change that happens one mind at a time.


- October 28, 2016

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