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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A New Dawn for Liberty

How fabulous it is to be living in times of technological revolution. It’s spreading freedom through the world—through entrepreneurship and the private sector, through enterprise, technology, and commercial life.

It’s a new world of personal connection touching every corner of the globe. It’s emerged over the last 20 years, and the pace of development is accelerating. It’s taking place outside the government plan. Technology is changing how we think about politics, tearing through all the old models.

The world of liberty cannot neglect this time in history. We are seeing a real-life demonstration of how the choices of individuals in a new frontier of freedom can result in a beautiful anarchy.

The results are neither chaotic nor static. They are emergent in all the ways fashionable opinion in the twentieth century said was impossible.

The digital world represents the ultimate refutation of the central planning model of social organization. What they said was impossible turns out to be possible, productive, and prosperous.

This is our moment, and we must thrust ourselves into the center of it.

How do we do that? We’ve just launched, a digital city wholly dedicated to liberty, to answer that very question. If you love liberty, this city is your home. exists to enhance personal and economic freedom in your life—and by extension, in our world. It’s not about marching in the streets, lobbying officeholders, or retreating into isolation.

It’s about building a new world of freedom. gives you a publishing space and audience, a community of friendship, an online classroom with ongoing seminars, and a large library of books with forums for discussion. It’s everything you have wanted in a digital community for the cause of human liberty.

With your free trial comes the whole experience. It's a public space — this is about reaching the world — but also a private space: Members only. That means no trolls, annoying ads, or flame wars. It’s the most comprehensive solution to the main problem that confronts us all today. The answer begins in our own lives.

At, we believe that liberty is something we live. This is why we are so focused on practical issues. How can we use technology to live freer lives? How can we arrange our financial lives to avoid the depredations of Leviathan? What books and films can inspire us? What can we do about schooling, medical care, travel, personal protection?

Government is making our lives ever more difficult. We know that. But we shouldn’t let the barriers stop us. With intelligence, expertise, and determination, we can work around the barriers. We can’t depend on politics to make the difference. We have to do that ourselves. has already, in the short time that it’s been around, been called a sanctuary for creativity and inspiration. has helped rekindle a sense of community among liberty-minded people.

How has freedom been won in the past? When people got busy and practiced it in their lives. They built institutions. They outsmarted the rulers. They came together to create alternatives. It’s communities and networks of mutual interest that build freedom—communities like

Log on to today, and take advantage of 30 days for free. Use the code LIBERTY and get 35% off.

When you join, drop me a chat so I can say hello. Then plunge in and enjoy the intellectual adventure.

We have the tools to make for freer lives, outsmarting and outrunning those who purport to manage the world. Let’s get busy and do it.