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Friday, September 23, 2016

13 Ways to Become a Fanatic for FEE

Don't just click and go. Stick around and become part of the FEE family.

It used to be that institutions would open a website and call it a day. As the years went on, those websites became content delivery systems, even portals to the main productive engine of the institution.

Today, digital technology has made it possible to reach people no matter how they consume information. It’s not just about the website anymore. It is about a vast range of options for getting the word out.

The Foundation for Economic Education is on the cutting edge of using all the best means of information delivery – and this edgy innovation has hurled to become a main source for freedom-minded content all over the world.

Two years ago, FEE dedicated itself to the mission of making the ideas of liberty familiar and credible to the rising generation. We are well on our way!

Feedly. Following the demise of Google Reader, Feedly stepped up with a very friendly platform for feeding web content through a single interface. With Feedly, you can browse all your favorite blogs, mags, and sites with just a few clicks. FEE has a strong subscription base from several sources. Subscribe.

Flipboard. We used to wonder what a magazine on the internet would eventually look like and what format it would take. No one knows the final answer but Flipboard has become today’s standard. The desktop experience is fine but the real thrill comes from the mobile version. You can download the Flipboard app and subscribe to FEE for free. Subscribe.

Facebook. With a hugely engaged audience and 80K likes, FEE’s Facebook presence is large and expansive. It also runs around the clock, so no matter when you login, you will see the newest, coolest thing. As an aside, people have been predicting Facebook’s demise for many years, but it just keeps on growing and become ever-more useful. Today, it is the major referral source to FEE’s content. Like us.

Twitter. FEE’s Twitter feed is similarly active around the clock. It is a major way that we can communicate with our users and they with us. It’s a beautiful platform, the power of the press in the hands of everyone. As for the 140 character limit, it teaches us all to be better writers. Follow us.

Email. We are told routinely that we have the most elegant, erudite, and informative daily email in the industry. Thank you! We work very hard at making it a piece of content that you can look forward to and benefit from, every day. As with Facebook, the demise of email has been long predicted but yet to materialize. Subscribe.

Browser Notifications. When you visit FEE for the first time, you will be invited to join our list for browser notifications. This way, even if you aren’t on the site, you are told of new content. It’s a brilliant service to people who are interested in the latest commentary on economics, politics, and culture. If you ever find that you want to leave the list, we provide an easy way.

Reprints and Translations. FEE publishes under the license CC-BY 4.0, which means that anyone can take our material at any time and publish under any terms, provided you give the source (and a link back is much appreciated!). In other words, steal our stuff. The same goes for translations. We estimate that 3 to 5 translations of our material are published each day. It’s exciting to see FEE’s international reach grow! We even have a Republish button at the end of each article that provides the code you need to easily duplicate the piece on your own site.

Courses. FEE’s digital classroom, opened just this year, has been a huge hit around the country and the world. It allows much deeper study than just reading today’s articles. We specifically structured it to use resources from all over the web. It is designed for high school and college students but, really, everyone can benefit from it, especially because we cover aspects of economics that are woefully neglected in textbooks. Learn.

Community. FEE aspires not only to be an information-delivery service but a full global community in which our users can provide content to each other. Hence, the FEE Community, which has profiles, maps, groups, and discussions. The primary target here is alumni of our programs, but truly everyone is welcome. Communities such as this are grown organically according to the way users engage with content. Watching this grow should provide lots of fun over the coming years. Join.

Events. FEE staff attend major events all year long, and probably one of them is in your area. We love to meet our supporters when out and about. In addition, we have programs for high schoolers and other events that FEE itself organizes. We’ve got some big plans for the coming year, so keep on the lookout. Attend.

Store. Our president Lawrence Reed has a new book out. We have a new tee shirt ready. And our books and monographs are cheaper by the dozen. The store is the place to get all the best freedom-minded readings and swag. Shop.

eBooks. Want to read the collected works of our founder Leonard Read? It’s all here. Our latest epub is actually Mises’s Human Action, the initial publication of which FEE made possible. We have dozens of others, and big plans to release hundreds more in the coming year. Browse.

Donate. Technology is changing fast, and FEE seeks not only to keep up but to lead in the distribution of ideas. Please join us in our work by engaging in one or all of the above ways. And by the way, FEE is supported entirely by private donations. If you can help us financially, please know of our gratitude. Support FEE.