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Short videos with a punchy, comedic tone and entertaining Socratic characters taking on trending issues and important concepts from a classical liberal perspective, written & animated by Seamus Coughlin.

March 10, 2020

Bob's journey has taken him from being an economic ignoramus to becoming a wealthy, self-made entrepreneur. It took a long time, but all he ever really had to do was listen to what other people wanted and use his ideas, talents, skills, and resources to give them something they actually value.

The Bore-No-More King finally made it. But now, he misses his friends from the past and concocts a new plan to rub his success in their face.

Find out what happens on the second-to-last episode of Bob to the Future!

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Written by Seamus Coughlin, Jen Maffessanti, and Sean W. Malone
Animated by Seamus Coughlin
Edited by Sean W. Malone


About the Hosts

Seamus Coughlin is a comedy writer and animator with a deep interest in politics and morality. After graduating high school, he started a small business in animation production and led small teams of animators on various projects while studying at his local community college. Today, Seamus continues producing entertaining animated content for a number of outlets, and a good deal of his work can be…

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Sean W. Malone studied music performance and composition for film and multimedia at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Bachelor of Music, 2005) and New York University (Master of Arts, 2007), before working in various creative roles in the music and film industries in New York and Los Angeles.

In 2011, he relocated to Washington, DC to develop professional media production capabilities at various…

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Jen Maffessanti is a Senior Associate Editor at FEE and mother of two. When she's not advocating for liberty or chasing kids, she can usually be found cooking or maybe racing cars. Check out her website.