Discovering Ayn Rand: Modern Essays on Her Life and Ideas

Discovering Ayn Rand is a collection of essays discussing her ideas and influence.

So many of today’s most important writers for liberty were first inspired by Ayn Rand. But most people haven’t discovered the power of Rand’s own ideas — and what they mean for freedom in our own lives.

The chapters in this collection can change that. They come in 4 sections:

1. Learn how Rand's ideas can empower you in both your personal life and work.
2. Use her framework to understand the concerns and insecurities behind the horror (and heroism) in today’s political scene.
3. Get a deeper introduction to her philosophy and novels.
4. Be inspired by Rand’s incredible life and indomitable personality.

Special thanks is due to the Institute for Humane Studies and for permission to reprint certain chapters.