Zachary Slayback

Member of: FEE 100

Zak is a communicator focusing on issues of education, innovation, and social change. He’s the author of the 2016 Amazon best-seller, The End of School: Reclaiming Education from the Classroom and is currently finalizing The Little Guide to Learning Anything. He regularly speaks on issues of learning, social change, innovation, and the changing jobs landscape. He is a founding team member at Praxis.

He was one of LinkedIn’s most influential voices on education in 2015 and has been published in Newsweek, the New York Examiner, the Daily Caller, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Christian Science Monitor, the Foundation for Economic Education’s Anything Peaceful, among others, and has also appeared on The Glenn Beck Program and HuffPost Live.

Zak lives in and works from Pittsburgh, PA. Feel free to contact him if you are visiting and want to grab coffee.

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