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Stephen Davies is a program officer at the Institute for Humane Studies and the education director at the Institute for Economics Affairs in London.

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Europe Needs Regime Change in Greece. They Won’t Get It.

The Greek government couldn’t comply with its creditors’s demands even if it wanted to — and it doesn’t.

- July 13, 2015

The Force That Liberated Women

Capitalism liberated women from the reality of living in a world of little innovation, slow or nonexistent growth, and chronic material deprivation.

- February 17, 2015

Fortune Tellers and Planners, Public and Private

Above all we should remember that government is no wiser and in many ways less well informed than private actors.

- May 21, 2009

The History of "Underdevelopment"

Perhaps the most important feature of the modern world is its sustained, intensive economic growth.

- June 01, 2006

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