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Randal O’Toole

Randal O’Toole is a Cato Institute Senior Fellow working on urban growth, public land, and transportation issues.

Randal O’Toole's Articles

Central Planners Don't Know How to Make Housing Affordable

No matter how often urban planners chant, “grow up, not out,” the fact is that no urban area in the nation has ever made housing more affordable by increasing its density.

- October 02, 2016

Oregon Votes to Repeal Laws of Supply and Demand

A giant minimum wage hike, quasi-price controls, and "inclusionary" zoning laws all seem designed to violate basic economics.

- March 07, 2016

Is Cheap Gas a Bad Thing?

A popular claim says that a gallon of gas creates $2.28 in external costs on society.

- February 04, 2016

Giant Rail Projects Cost Billions and Tank Transit Ridership

Across the country, rail projects are late, over-budget, and under-used — and cuts to buses that people actually use are paying for it.

- January 28, 2016

No Heroes in the West: Fire, Feds, and Freeloaders

Here's what is really going on with the "militia" ranchers in Oregon.

- January 04, 2016

Forest Service Threatens to Let America Burn if They Don't Get More Money

Some government agencies just want to watch the world burn. Some just want to shake down the taxpayers.

- December 22, 2015

Government Is Why the Rent Is Too Damn High

Subsidies, rent control, zoning, and land-use regulations are ruining American cities.

- October 30, 2015

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