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Michael Munger

Member of: FEE Faculty Network

Michael Munger is the director of the philosophy, politics, and economics program at Duke University. He is a past president of the Public Choice Society.

Michael Munger's Articles

Can Safety Regulations Make Us Less Safe?

In the great chess-board of human society, every single piece has a principle of motion of its own, altogether different from that which the legislature might choose to impress upon it. Paradoxically, more safety regulations tend to incentivize risky behavior.

- January 18, 2017

Do Hard Work and Ambition Count for Nothing?

Sure, there is something called privilege but it doesn't explain everything. 

- August 22, 2016

Millennials Can't Just "Reject" Capitalism

"Rejecting" economic reality is no different than rejecting physical reality.

- May 27, 2016

Libertarians, Democracy, and Rule #1 of Walking on the Wing

“Don’t let go of what you’ve got until you get hold of something better.”


- January 28, 2016

We've Gotta Do Something!

The "we have to do something" argument really convinces people, but it's the same logic witch doctors used to justify bleeding and leeches.

- December 28, 2015

Comparative Advantage: An Idea Whose Time Has Passed

Ricardo’s classical formulation leaves no space for human creativity, no role for division of labor, and no room for innovation to affect the dynamics of cost.

- December 28, 2015

Every Flaw in Consumers Is Worse in Voters

Some institutions reward us for overcoming irrationality — and some reward us for indulging it. 

- November 03, 2015

Sabotaging Uber: The Umpire Strikes Back

Capitalism is a brutal competition, but it's supposed to have neutral referees — but sometimes the refs decide to play for one side.

- June 23, 2015

Breaking News: NY Times Confirms Supply, Demand Still Working

 A shocking turn of events: Egg prices are up, and quantity demanded is down.

- June 16, 2015

Hasta La Victoria Siempre

Cuba is still waiting for victory. Recent events prompt reflections from a professor who has seen it all firsthand, and maybe even met folks who will see the country to better times.

- January 15, 2015

Long Division

Decriminalize normal, nonviolent activity, and the police will have fewer excuses to harass people they don't like — people who often can't fight back.

- December 10, 2014

Unicorn Governance

It’s pointless to argue about the color of unicorns; the same goes for what most people think about when they think about the State.

- August 11, 2014

The Case for Voluntary Private Cooperation

Forget the “markets vs. the State” debate. Systems of voluntary cooperation are what build societies and prosperity.

- April 16, 2014

What Are We For?

Libertarians don't have to be able to predict exactly how society would look if it were libertarian. But we do have to know what we're for, not just what we're against.

- December 04, 2013

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