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Joseph R. Stromberg

Joseph R. Stromberg is a Research Fellow at The Independent Institute and has held the JoAnn B. Rothbard Chair in History at the Ludwig von Mises Institute. A columnist for, his research interests include U.S. foreign policy and the "War on Terrorism." He received his B.A. and M.A. from Florida Atlantic University, and his further graduate work was completed at the University of Florida.

Joseph R. Stromberg's Articles

Civil War and the American Political Economy: Response to a Critic

When there are important material interests at work, they necessarily enter into an historical explanation.

- May 16, 2011

The American Land Question

Widespread landownership long supported a kind of liberal-republican independence. Perhaps we should reexamine the nexus and ask ourselves how, in Donald Davidson’s words, we “let the freehold pass,” and whether that was really for the best.

- June 10, 2009

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