Gary McGath

Member of: FEE Faculty Network

Gary McGath's pro-liberty writing began at Ergo, a libertarian student newspaper at MIT, and since then he has written for many publications, including The Freeman, Aristos, Byte, Sync, Analog, Liberty, and Code4Lib Journal.

He is the author of Compute!’s Guide to Adventure Games, Files that Last: Digital Preservation for Everygeek, and Tomorrow’s Songs Today: The History of Filk Music.

From 1991 to 1993 he published a book review newsletter, Thomas Paine Review. Currently he maintains a general blog, Building My World, and a tech blog, Mad File Format Science.

As an amateur songwriter, he has published The Mad Scientist's Songbook and recorded an album, Shrink Wrap Blues, both including songs with pro-freedom themes. He has edited numerous other songbooks and chaired three music conventions.

Professionally, he is a software engineer with an interest in digital preservation and file formats.

Gary McGath's Articles

The War on Emoji 🔫 👬

The "right not to be offended" claims a new victim: the humble emoji.

- March 24, 2016

Bernie Sanders Accidentally Endorses the Free Market

When start-up businesses face few regulatory barriers, they can accomplish a lot.

- March 28, 2016

Net Neutrality Kills Free Internet

Facebook is trying to provide free Internet access in underserved areas around the world. Critics say the service’s restrictions on access are unacceptable.

- February 16, 2016

America's Concentration Camps Are a Warning, Not a Model

It happened here, and some people are just fine with doing it again.

- December 29, 2015

Thanks to "Wiretapping" Laws, Your Cell Phone Is a Felony Machine

Because of nebulous "privacy" laws, police in a dozen states can charge you with a felony for almost any recording made in public. 

- December 09, 2015

Patenting Software Threatens Innovation

Patents on software do not encourage innovation — they stifle it.

- October 20, 2015

Car Hacks: How the DMCA Let Volkswagen Secretly Cheat Emissions Tests

Cars run not just on gas, which you’re free to analyze, but also on code, which you aren’t.

- October 01, 2015

Boston Will Lose Big If It Wins the Olympics

Today's Olympic Games are a race to the bottom of public waste, corruption, and civil liberties abuses. 

- July 23, 2015

The Ghosts of Spying Past

The Clinton administration crippled Internet security to enable state spying; now NSA's doing it again. 

- July 08, 2015

Fantasy Bookstore Fights Fantasy Economics

Wage controls threaten small, specialty, and independent businesses most. 

- May 15, 2015

People Over Profits?

When a family feud breaks out in a New England grocery chain, lessons abound in terms of the relative importance of people and profits. 

- September 22, 2014

The Dawn of the Surveillance State

We think of mass surveillance as a product of modern technology. But large-scale spying on Americans got its start in 1917, when the United States entered World War I.

- September 17, 2014

The Strongest Man

- September 01, 1990

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