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Carl Oberg

Director of Finance

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Carl Oberg is the Director of Finance for the Foundation for Economic Education.

Carl Oberg's Articles

The War on the Gig Economy Has Begun: Homejoy Is the First Casualty

The "Uber for home cleaning" was killed by ancient, badly designed government regulations.

- July 28, 2015

The Great Inversion

The State puts itself at a disadvantage when it attacks bitcoin, the Internet, and other distributed networks: It suddenly bears all the costs of fighting widely distributed benefits.

- May 19, 2014

When Character is Lost

A recent New York Times piece provides a living example of exactly the kind of unfortunate path that can result when socialism and a lack of person responsibility combine--this time in Cuba. 

- July 28, 2013

Economics for Boys and Girls

Make no mistake: FEE's mission and methodology have changed, even as our principles and our ultimate goal have not.

- July 08, 2013

Blinking Lights and the Western Conservative Summit

Our friends at Colorado Christian University have invited FEE to the Western Conservative Summit, July 26–28, 2013, to showcase FEE's unique focus on liberty, free-market economics, and the importance of character in creating and sustaining a free society.

- June 07, 2013

Why Some Countries Are Rich

The wonders and technological magic we see around us every day--which most of us take for granted--are the result of entrepreneurial innovation and markets. These emergent orders flow from people's drive to create something better for others--and to improve their lives in the process.

- May 06, 2013

From Abba to Zeppelin

A great place to find ideas for teaching economics through rock and roll is the weblog From ABBA to Zeppelin, Led.

- February 15, 2013

FEE is Educational Choice

FEE is joining in the celebration of National School Choice Week. Whether you are an advocate of tax vouchers, charter schools, or just plain old elimination of the state from education, the folks at NSCW are doing a stellar job of getting the word out and rallying the coalitions necessary to make educational choice a reality.

- January 01, 2013

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