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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

FEE is Educational Choice

From the very beginning, FEE's mission has been educational choice. In 1946, the freedom philosophy and market economics were virtually unknown in this country's schools and universities. Sixty-six years later, the situation has vastly improved. Numerous primary, secondary, and collegiate institutions provide students with the opportunity to learn about the only system this world has ever known that allows ordinary people to improve their lot without stealing from others.
Of course “numerous” is not nearly enough. There is still so much more work to be done, especially at the primary and secondary levels. That is why FEE's mission is more vital than ever. Until true educational choice is a reality in this country, it's up to organizations like FEE to get the word out.
That is why FEE is joining in the celebration of National School Choice Week (January 27–February 2.) Whether you are an advocate of tax vouchers, charter schools, or just plain old elimination of the state from education, the folks at NSCW are doing a stellar job of getting the word out and rallying the coalitions necessary to make educational choice a reality. Their organization is a great example of civil society in action—people coming together voluntarily to effect social change. And we need more of that.


  • Carl Oberg was the Director of Finance for the Foundation for Economic Education.