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Friday, June 7, 2013

Blinking Lights and the Western Conservative Summit

Our friends at Colorado Christian University have invited FEE to the Western Conservative Summit, July 26–28, 2013, to showcase FEE's unique focus on liberty, free-market economics, and the importance of character in creating and sustaining a free society. We are doing this through our new Blinking Lights Project. At the Blinking Lights webpage, you can explore that relationship; watch videos by FEE's president, Lawrence Reed, on the subject; and sign up to receive a free copy of the movie Amazing Grace, which explores how a small group of people, determined and driven by what is right, can make a massive difference in society.

FEE's launch of our Blinking Lights Project is a great opportunity for FEE to showcase that vital link between liberty and character. I hope to see you at the Western Conservative Summit or at any of our other summer events so we can discuss these issues and start making a difference. See you there.

  • Carl Oberg was the Director of Finance for the Foundation for Economic Education.