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B.K. Marcus is a Contributing Editor of FEE.

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Capitalism Doesn’t Care about Women, but It Does Liberate Them

Capitalism has produced an unprecedented level of wealth and freedom for everyone — women in particular.

- June 07, 2016

What Your Browser Says about You That Your GPA Doesn't

Companies that are looking for innovators and creative thinkers don't care about your grades.


- May 25, 2016

Millennials Reject Capitalism in Name – but Socialism in Fact

What's driving young people's declining view of capitalism?

- May 23, 2016

Students Don't Need a "Passion," They Need Persistence

Government meddling with education creates bizarre and wasteful incentives for college applicants.

- May 04, 2016

Why Do We Believe These Pathological Liars?

The more decisions we cede to the political process, the less we should expect anyone to protect our interests — even we don't bother to do it.

- April 27, 2016

Trauma and Trust after Brussels

Terrorists want not only to kill and maim but to traumatize. What, then, do we do with that trauma?


- March 31, 2016

Freedom and the Hero's Journey

Humanity’s oldest stories follow the form: the lone individual in peril on behalf of his tribe. From the Hobbit to Harry Potter, from Star Wars to the Hunger Games, we see this pattern embedded in the structure of our favorite tales.


- March 21, 2016

Why Students Give Capitalism an F

Socialist students aren't necessarily opposed to meritocracy; they just don't see what merit has to do with the marketplace.

- March 13, 2016

Does Democracy Lead to Socialism?

Friends and foes of capitalism have both drawn a line between socialism and democracy.

- March 03, 2016

Homeschooled Weirdoes and the Culture of Conformity

The more we value independence and diversity, the less vulnerable we will be to the distortions of conformity.

- February 23, 2016

Homeschooling, Socialization, and the New Groupthink

Homeschooled students are, in fact, more socially resilient and flexible than their conventionally schooled peers — but what if the “socialization” question is code for a very different agenda?

- February 09, 2016

Heroes Have Discipline Problems

Model students don't challenge authority, even when they should. They have too much to lose.


- February 01, 2016

Give the Nazis What They Want

National Socialism should be remembered for what it was and still is.

- January 27, 2016

Martin Luther King III on Freedom, Justice, and School Choice

School choice is good for students and taxpayers, but the unions are fighting it tooth and nail.

- January 25, 2016

Is Capitalism the Reason for the Season?

As long as the demand continues for an annual hiatus from the normal rules, the market will supply whatever is necessary.

- December 21, 2015

Happy Bill of Rights Day!

The Constitution is an instrument of state power; the Bill of Rights is one of individual liberty.

- December 15, 2015

Enlightened Selfies

The obsession with visual self-presentation is much older — and significantly more beneficial — than the critics understand.

- December 01, 2015

The Holocaust, the West, and the Lost Caribbean Shelter

The Virgin Islands tried to save refugees fleeing war and genocide. The federal government stopped them. 

- November 09, 2015

How We Figured Out What – and Where – the Time Is

Before the invention of standard time, there were dozens of different answers to "what time is it?" in every state. 

- October 30, 2015

Embrace the Zombie Apocalypse

Fictional portrayals of the zombie apocalypse show our subconscious yearning for smaller government.

- October 27, 2015

Banning Mein Kampf

Banning Mein Kampf doesn't make its ideas less attractive to those the censors fear.

- October 20, 2015

Is "Banned Books Week" a Myth?

In America, there's basically no such thing as a "banned book," but that doesn't stop the American Library Association from claiming censorship is worse than ever. 

- October 02, 2015

Homeschooling Is a Threat to Public Education

Advocates of government education are right to be worried by the number of homeschool families, but not because homeschooled kids are learning any anti-government ideology at home. The greatest threat that homeschooling poses to the government system is its diversity, its resiliency, and its undisputed academic success.

- September 22, 2015

#IStandWithAhmed Tells Us Something about Public School

A 14-year-old student built a digital clock to impress his teachers; they had him arrested and interrogated.

- September 17, 2015

If Men Were Angels, We Wouldn’t Need the Blockchain

What if government could be framed so that it need not be administered by men over men?

- September 14, 2015

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