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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Humans of FEE: Meet Marianna Davidovich

Marianna Davidovich is the Director of External Relations at FEE, and here's how she's changing the world.

I’ve just returned from the inaugural Economic Education Summit in Dallas, TX, where representatives from free-market organizations and university centers gathered to discuss collaboration, synergy, and the future of economic education in U.S. schools. Currently, outreach efforts are in full swing as FEE’s Summer Seminar registrations have just gone live! We’re partnering with as many schools and organizations as possible, offering scholarships to those who need it and ensuring maximum exposure to these life-changing experiences for high school and college students.

My next trip will be presenting at the National Youth at Risk Conference where I’ll be unveiling our newest course, Entrepreneurship in Action! I believe it’s crucial that every student has the opportunity to learn about markets and free enterprise and how these ideas are directly correlated to progress, innovation, and overall human flourishing. I love figuring out messaging strategies that will relate to various individuals and organizations because frankly, who doesn’t love/want individual liberty and freedom?

My next trip will be presenting at the National Youth at Risk Conference in Savannah, where I’ll be unveiling our newest course, Entrepreneurship in Action! which is a free downloadable workshop that anyone can facilitate in any classroom. It teaches that learning and adopting an entrepreneurial mindset empowers youth to reach far beyond the status quo and helps catapult them into personal success no matter the career path they choose. I really love FEE’s motto, “Serving Yourself by Serving Others Well,” which encapsulates our entrepreneurship courses perfectly.

I will also be presenting another new initiative called the Classroom Kit, a free books program for teachers which includes a copy of I, Pencil, Economics in One Lesson, Great Myths of the Great Depression, and The Law for each student. We’ve also created Teacher’s Guides so anyone can lead the lessons. I’m looking forward to presenting at all the homeschool and charter school conventions this year as we’re attending more conferences than ever before.

People ask me all the time how do I juggle being a mom, homeschooling, and working. Between creating courses for high schoolers, Boy Scouts, homeschoolers, and promoting these and FEE’s Programs, I’m still first and foremost a mom. Most people don’t know, but I’m a single mom who has been raising two kids for 13 years. I couldn’t bear seeing them suffer in government schools so, through an insane amount of research, we’ve figured out alternatives that work for us. Actually, I couldn’t be more proud of my kids, and my daughter even got her first article published recently about her educational experience.

People ask me all the time how I juggle being a mom, homeschooling, and working. Well, my daughter’s article shares a lot of our secrets, and I’m ok with that. Everywhere I go and everyone I meet is a potential subscriber to the freedom philosophy. I’m extremely grateful that I’m able to help people discover opportunities and eye-opening ideas whether it’s about parenting, education, economics, or all three. I think philosophically they are all interrelated and if opening up about my personal experiences helps inspire and encourage others, then bring it on. It’s because of organizations such as LOLA and FEE that do a phenomenal job getting these much-needed conversations started, I think ultimately brings us all just a little bit closer together.

Reprinted from the Ladies of Liberty Alliance.

  • Marianna is the Chief External Affairs Officer at the Foundation for Economic Education aimed at teaching the humane value and ethical principles of free markets and entrepreneurship to FEE’s student audience.