Every Penny You Spend Could Be Monitored and Controlled

Bitcoin offers a glimpse into the future of money -- a purely digital form of money that is individual, private, global, and free (free as in speech, not as in beer). Bitcoin is often compared with the existing banking system, juxtaposing its futuristic capabilities with the slow, antiquated, and cumbersome world of wire transfers, checks, "banking hours," and restrictions.

But the future will not be a choice between "old money" and cryptocurrency. Instead, it will be a choice between two competing visions of digital money: one based on freedom and choice, the other based on control and surveillance, a dystopian totalitarian system of control from which no one can escape.

We are now at the crossroads, and we must choose the future of currency wisely.

Cash, checks, and other forms of tangible money have been gradually disappearing for decades. We are now rapidly moving toward a cashless society where all money is purely digital. In the past, cash payments were expected and preferred; credit transactions were suspect. But as we turned into a debt-based society, cash became the oddity. The inscription "for all debts public and private" no longer rings as true. Today, if you try to buy a car with cash, you'll be treated with extreme suspicion. Large amounts of cash are now associated with criminal activity and the definition of "large" is getting smaller each day. This is how we arrive at a cashless society: by making cash itself suspect, then criminal.

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