FEE's Vision of Economics

Episode 6 April 16, 2019

Economics is a superpower. Understanding it is like having enhanced vision. When you look at the world around you—full of human beings working, studying, fighting, falling in love, and just living—economics helps you see things that are invisible to most people.

Join our our host, @VSauce2's Kevin Lieber, and his friends Fiona & Professor Fergberg as they help you see that the best way to learn economics isn’t memorizing equations or staring at charts, but looking at the way humans make choices. By watching our new series, Invisible Hands, you'll have fun gaining mind-blowing economic insight that can radically clarify the way you see society!


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Invisible Hands

Popular YouTube host Kevin Lieber (VSauce2) hosts this informative and entertaining video series designed to introduce key concepts of economics to younger audiences through credible arguments, comedy... And puppets!

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