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Hayek’s Powerful Critique of Socialism and Central Planning

July 27, 2018

F.A. Hayek was a creative genius who generated some of the biggest, most fascinating ideas in the social sciences. Most famously, he offered powerful critiques of central planning. His work on the “knowledge problem” demonstrated how socialism would be incapable of handling the mind-boggling complexity of the world. Only the distributed intelligence of the market is up to the task. And his classic book The Road to Serfdom showed that economic planning inexorably leads to misery and dictatorship. The FEEcast crew discusses the ideas of this profound thinker.

Show Notes:

“Five of Hayek's Biggest Ideas: A Study Guide” by Kai Weiss

“'The Road to Serfdom': 7 Things You Might Not Know about Hayek's Classic Book” by Jon Miltimore

The Essential F. A. Hayek (eBook)

“The Use of Knowledge in Society” by F.A. Hayek

The Shortcut to Serfdom (eBook) by Brittany Hunter


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