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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Seminar Students Take FEE’s Message to Radio Audience in Arizona!

This past July, nearly 200 high school students from many states attended FEE’s Freedom Academy I or Freedom Academy II. (About 400 more attended our college student seminars in Atlanta and New York). Each seminar was an intensive, five-day experience full of lectures and activities intended, as FEE’s strategic plan puts it, “to educate, inspire and connect” future leaders in the principles of a free society.

Two wonderful ladies, Juli Dalton and Ginger Hancock of the Yavapai Center for Constitutional Principles in Prescott, Arizona, organized local funding and brought several local students to Freedom Academy II in Estes Park, Colorado. During the week, the students did live interviews by phone on Prescott’s KYCA Radio about what they were learning. Upon their return, three of them appeared in the station’s studio to sum up their life-changing experience.

We hope you will be impressed with what these three young people have to say and with the teaching FEE provided. We are changing the future by turning lights on in the young minds of today!

The interview is 43 minutes (commercials have been deleted). Several people called in during the show and made some great comments.

Here’s the link:

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