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Monday, August 3, 2015

FEE In Popular Media

The popular media are increasingly discovering that FEE’s voice is interesting to their audiences. This helps FEE to amplify our message and boost the search engine optimization (SEO) of our website,

Numerous online publications have taken advantage of our very liberal policy on republication (essentially, just link to Newsweek alone has republished over twenty articles from since March.

Additionally, links to have been flowing in from stories in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, Huffington Post, Salon, Real Clear Markets, and Zero Hedge.

And FEE has been featured in recent news articles appearing in Fox News, The Hill, Red Alert Politics, and Playboy Magazine.

Offline, FEE’s president Lawrence W. Reed and director of content Max Borders have each been interviewed recently by John Stossel on his Fox Business show. Reed has made dozens of appearances on talk radio this spring and summer while FEE’s director of digital media Jeffrey Tucker has had a similar presence on blogtalk radio.

Our content appeals to popular media because it enables them to offer their audiences a bridge between current events and the timeless principles of the freedom philosophy, rather than the shopworn contemporary clichés of blue and red, left and right. We cut across the grain of prevailing opinion by drawing on the robust intellectual tradition of classical liberalism to shed fresh light on the issues of the day.

At the same time, we are seeing the fruits of investments that we have made in digital technology and marketing. today is easier to find, easier to navigate, and more broadly distributed than ever before.

  • Wayne Olson is the Chairman of FEE's Board of Trustees and a former executive director of the Foundation for Economic Education.