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Robert G. Bearce

Mr. Bearce is a free-lance writer in Houston, Texas.

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In Defense of Freedom: Frederic Bastiat

In our current age of intervention and crisis, let us heed Bastiat's call: Try liberty.

- October 01, 1979

John Witherspoon: Disciple of Freedom

His understanding of money and free trade deserves our renewed attention.

- May 01, 1977

Freedom/Responsibilitythe Quest for Individual Dignity

Only through self-improvement may one proceed toward a better world.

- November 01, 1973

Ageless Faith for a Vacillating America

An urgent call for restoration of faith in God, in freedom, in the individual, in our heritage, in ourselves.

- October 01, 1972

No Time for Pessimism

Let us respect, instead, the power of freedom in men's lives.

- September 01, 1970

Don't Be a Lonesome Libertarian

A plea for the faith in freedom that can tolerate differences of opinion.

- March 01, 1970

A Free Lance in the Free Market

An author invites competition.

- December 01, 1969

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