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Richard Fulmer is a freelance writer from Humble, Texas, and the winner of the third annual Beth A. Hoffman Memorial Prize for Economic Writing for his article "Cavemen and Middlemen," from the April 2012 Freeman

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When Spontaneous Disorder Makes Sense

Both order and disorder are driven by people’s desire to make themselves and their families better off.

- June 16, 2016

Foxes, Hares, and the Monetary System

An economy is like an ecosystem. Central bankers have usually approached it like a kind of machine, tweaking here and rebalancing there—and frequently reversing cause and effect. 

- December 10, 2013

Political Views in Three Dimensions

The Nolan Chart improved on the old left-to-right spectrum of political thought. Adding a third dimension could bring foreign policy considerations into the fold, providing a much more nuanced view. 

- December 09, 2013

The Nation’s Full Faith and Credit Card

Our current system only encourages more feverish spending, to make sure you get your share. Time to cut up the credit card before our creditors do it for us.

- October 29, 2013

Information Ages

Humans have always relied on information to survive, even to thrive. Government intervention, though, distorts prices and makes it that much harder to do what we do best. 

- August 15, 2013

Wrapping an Enigma in a Mystery: Why Inflation Is So Misunderstood

Inflation wouldn’t be so hard to understand if it wasn’t wrapped up in so much untruth, wishful thinking, and misdirection, Richard Fulmer says.

- October 31, 2012

The Family Stone: Cavemen, Trade, and Comparative Advantage

As poor as governments are at allocating known tasks, they are even worse at assigning tasks that don’t yet exist.

- August 31, 2011

The Infrastructure Delusion

Goods, people, and information will not flow freely across a nation, regardless of the quality and extent of its infrastructure, if taxes and regulations block their flow.

- August 15, 2011

Fifteen Things to Despise about Government Regulation

Between the current financial mess and the debate over carbon-dioxide emissions controls, there is a lot of talk about regulation these days. Any time government regulators try to do much more than lay out the basic rules of the game, unintended consequences and moral hazards rear their ugly heads.

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