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Perry E. Gresham

Dr. Perry E. Gresham (1907-1994) was President Emeritus and Distinguished Professor, Bethany College. Bethany, West Virginia.

Perry E. Gresham's Articles

Around the World . . .

This distinguished scholar shares some impressions gained during an 80-day cruise on the QE2.

- June 01, 1979

Liberty for Older Americans

The opportunity to grow gains importance as one grows older.

- October 01, 1978

Think Twice Before You Disparage Capitalism

Capitalism serves miraculously if free from the fetters of limitless state intervention.

- March 01, 1977

The Beleaguered Businessman

The case for business needs to be made as long as antibusiness groups are advocating socialism.

- September 01, 1974

Liberty and Public Opinion

How to stem the modern tide of interest group interventionism and recover the liberty and virtue of the capitalist public philosophy that characterized the flowering of America.

- June 01, 1973

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