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Paul L. Poirot was a long-time member of the staff of the Foundation for Economic Education and editor of its journal, The Freeman, from 1956 to 1987.

Paul L. Poirot's Articles

#21 – “Capitalism’s Sweatshops and Child Labor Cry Out for Government Intervention”

Improving the lot of the working poor is not as simple as pushing a button. People are raised out of difficult working conditions over time through savings, investment, and innovation. 

- September 05, 2014

#9 – Human Rights Are More Important Than Property Rights

Rights to property—property in yourself and in your possessions—cannot be separated from human rights.

- June 13, 2014

The Freeman: Ideas on Liberty

Henry Hazlitt (18941993), on the hundredth anniversary of his birth, most deservedly was designated journalist of the century. He also was the last survivor of the founding trustees of the Foundation for Economic Education.

- January 01, 2006

The Writings of F. A. Harper

In testament to the collected works of a brilliant exemplar of freedom in all its aspects.

- August 01, 1979

A Mineral Alert

A growing "public sector" diminishes market opportunities to serve consumers.

- February 01, 1976

He Gains Most Who Serves Best

This rule of the market is its defense of private property.

- May 01, 1975

The Message of Depression

Stop the monetary manipulation and the waste of scarce resources.

- April 01, 1975

"Business Must Make a Profit"

Profit is costless, if earned.

- March 01, 1975

Mud Pies for Sale

What if they were legal tender?

- December 01, 1974

For the Sake of the Poor

Poverty serves a purpose, for those who feel pain and react appropriately.

- July 01, 1974

Made in Washington

Washington can lead us into crisis, if we so empower the government.

- May 01, 1974

A Matter of Self-Responsibility

In the case of economic "shortages" the issue is not so much self-subsistence as it is self-responsibility.

- February 01, 1974

Profit Sharing

Profits are the rewards to entrepreneurs who best serve customers; in any profit-sharing plan, beware of coercive intervention.

- December 01, 1973

The Market, or the Welfare State

How the market and its money system serve especially the laboring poor.

- October 01, 1973

Socialized Error

Unless we learn to tolerate the minor mistakes men make, we'll be plagued by the major mistake of totalitarian government.

- July 01, 1973

Freedom Is an Uninsurable Risk

The results of freedom cannot be classified or known in advance.

- May 01, 1973

Social Inflation

Would you believe there's now a new kind of inflation, caused by excessive government spending!

- November 01, 1972

Flood Relief

If a flood destroys my property, am I thereby entitled to yours?

- October 01, 1972

Legal Tender: Sellers Beware

Why national socialist monetary policy breaks down in international trade.

- January 01, 1972

Market Closed!

In view of the consequences of intervention, why should responsible adults ever want to price themselves out of the market?

- July 01, 1971

The High Price of Protectionism

Paying men not to work is just one of the ways of closing the market and wasting scarce resources.

- June 01, 1971

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