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Patrick J. Michaels

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Are Floods More Frequent, as Climate Alarmists Claim?

In today’s world dominated by climate hype, it is the non-interesting results that are, in fact, the most interesting.

Is the Sahara Desert Advancing?

It's the Paris climate change talks myth of the day.

- December 02, 2015

Global Warming Is a Threat?

Last December Naomi Oreskes, an associate professor of history at UCLA, published a Washington Post Outlook piece called "Undeniable Global Warming." She asserted that the planet is warming (true), that increases in greenhouse gases have something to do with it (true), that several scientific societies hold this view (true), that the remainder of the discussion is quibbling about the details, and that we must respond to the threats that global warming presents.

- October 01, 2005

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