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Murray N. Rothbard

Murray N. Rothbard (1926-1995) was an economist of the Austrian School, a revisionist historian, and a political theorist whose writings and personal influence played a seminal role in the development of modern libertarianism.

Murray N. Rothbard's Articles

Government in Business

In the midst of nationwide prosperity, some economic and social problems keep nagging at the public. All over the country, they take the same form. What are they? Traffic congestion, inadequate roads, overcrowded schools, juvenile delinquency, water shortages.

- October 01, 2006

The First Liberty Library

Who was Thomas Hollis? Murray Rothbard reminds us of the important role Hollis played in establishing liberty in America.

- October 01, 1966

Human Rights are Property Rights

Much is heard these days of the distinction between human rights and property rights, and many who claim to champion the one turn with scorn upon any de­fender of the other. They fail to see that property rights, far from being in conflict, are in fact the most basic of all human rights. 

- April 01, 1959

Who Owns Water

The socialists argue that the State is or should be the property owner of the entire land area. If you grant this socialist premise, the control of the people follows.


- March 03, 1956

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