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Millions Escape to States With Right-to-Work Laws and No Income Taxes

New Census data shows that over 2 Million people moved from within the country to no-income-tax and right-to-work states from other states during the Obama years.

- January 11, 2017

Why Americans Don't Move Any More

Some Americans are still on the move, but many seem stuck in nightmares from which they can't escape. This is at least partially an unintended consequence of government benefits interference in the labor market.

- January 02, 2017

5 Reasons Why the Pollsters Failed

This was the first presidential election since random sample polling began in 1935 in which most voters had negative feelings toward both major party candidates. That fact combined with a healthy dose of campaign malpractice may explain why almost everyone's predictions were wrong.

- November 18, 2016

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