Matt Zwolinski

Matt Zwolinski is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of San Diego. He is also a co-director of USD’s Institute for Law and Philosophy, a member of the editorial board of Business Ethics Quarterly, and a blogger for Bleeding Heart Libertarians.

Professor Zwolinski states that his research interests are generally in the intersection of ethics, law, and economics, with two specific areas of focus. The first involves the proper understanding and normative status of liberty and political libertarianism. The second has to do with the nature and moral significance of exploitation for individual ethics and political institutions.

Professor Zwolinski is currently writing a book entitled Exploitation, Capitalism, and the State, in which he explores the idea of exploitation and its relevance for the moral evaluation of both certain forms of market exchange (such as sweatshops and price gouging) and political activities or structures (such as rent-seeking and the modern bureaucratic state). Zwolinski is also writing a brief history of libertarianism with John Tomasi of Brown University, for Princeton University Press.

He is a member of the FEE Faculty Network.