Maddox Locher

Maddox Locher is a fellow with FEE's Henry Hazlitt Project for Educational Journalism. He lives in Bowie, Maryland and works as a placement advisor for Praxis, an education alternative to the college system.

Maddox had a unique educational path. At 18, he decided to skip college and attend an alternative called Praxis.

Through Praxis, he landed an entry-level position at PandaDoc, a software company. After several months of dedication, he got promoted to a sales development representative role, where he would consistently generate revenue for the company.

Maddox held a good reputation with Praxis during this time and was hired as a part-time placement advisor shortly after receiving the Praxian of the Year award.

On the side, Maddox wrote over 160 published pieces. He explored ideas covering a wide range of subjects including psychology, economics, entrepreneurship, cryptocurrency, education, and video games.

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