Jason Kelly

Jason Kelly was the Operations Manager at FEE. In this role, he managed FEE's budgets by regularly monitoring financial actuals against budgeted numbers, as well as assisting in evaluating new projects and proposals with respect to their impact on fiscal responsibility. He also oversaw FEE's Salesforce and HubSpot databases, ensuring data quality and accuracy, while also improving and developing new features within FEE's various web platforms. Jason is a graduate of Hillsdale College.

His previous roles at FEE include the following: Data Manager (2016-2018), Web Projects Manager (2015-2016), Web and Digital Media Manager (2014-2015), Web and Social Media Associate (2013-2014).

Before FEE, Jason interned at the Mercatus Center in Arlington, VA and interned at the Public Company Account Oversight Board in Washington D.C. Throughout college, he worked in his campus's Information Technology Services department.

Jason enjoys traveling, great beer, and watching his favorite sports teams. Jason does not enjoy writing in the third person, however. Like right now. That's right. It's me. I've been writing this bio the whole time. It's just you and me now. There was never a third person. The third person is a lie. A lie that I will have to live with forever now.