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James L. Payne

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A letter*

- July 02, 2010

The Welfare State Kills Children

On February 22 a court in suburban Washington, D.C., passed judgment in one of the most horrendous cases of child abuse in modern times.

- March 16, 2010

If You Really Love Volunteers, Mr. Obama . . .

Everyone agrees that a healthy America needs citizens who play a direct role in helping in their communities. However, when we look closely at what it takes to promote citizen involvement, we discover that politicians are straddling a divide.

- August 10, 2009

The "Watchful Eye" Fallacy

No matter how many codes and decrees fill the law libraries, lawmakers seem to believe that just a few hundred thousand more pages of regulation will set the country right.

- June 02, 2009

The "Watchful Eye" Fallacy

Because they are made of the same human stuff, it is unreasonable to expect government officials to correct errors being made in the marketplace. A look at the market failures Obama alluded to in his speech bears this out. Take the speculative bubble in housing. Did senators see the danger before the rest of us and pass laws to limit the purchase of real estate? Of course not. They participated in the housing boom along with everyone else.

- May 21, 2009

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James L. Payne

Dr. James L. Payne is a research fellow at the Independent Institute and author. He earned his PhD in political science from the University of California at Berkeley, and he has taught political science at a number of universities including Yale University. 

James L. Payne's Articles

Voluntarism in Health: A Forgotten Solution

Free clinics allow physicians to help the poor.

Advice to Youth Seeking to Go Down in History from the Editors of Time

If you go into politics, you are more likely to wind up a villain than a hero.

Can Voluntarism Survive the Taxman?

Taxation undermines cherished institutions and functions.

- April 01, 1993

Tough Love for the Needy

Habitat workers promote self-reliance—and success—in the needy they are trying to help.

Throwing Money at Social Problems

Money is getting too tight to keep dumping our policy confusions in the laps of far-off politicians and pretending it’s a solution.

How Many Laws Are Enough?

Sexual harassment should not be brought under government regulation.

- April 01, 1992

Why Public Schools Fail

Where consumers are free to choose, suppliers organize themselves to deliver a superior product.

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